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    Your belly hang is so beautiful. Would love to see you play with it more. Also, I love the burps.
    This woman is absolutely stunning at every stage on her way to where she is now and that is on full display in this video. You've got a faaaaannn in me.
    Buy this video. She is not kidding. Jiggling from different angles for the whole video. Belly, thighs, breasts, butt. Whatever you love about her body, it is on display here.
    The title of this video is very much true. The way Kayla bounces and jiggles all over the place is quite the sight to see and then the slow motion takes it to another level. The effect of each ripple and bounce is multiplied by 3. You could basically consider this video a sequel to her Love Your Body video she posted on YouTube in 2016 where she bounces around with the bag of Cheetos. You can really see the growth difference between now and then. 🖐️ star video.
    This video is extremely cute and sexy. You really let your personality shine through all while looking gorgeous. Loved the belly drops and slaps as well.
    You are so beautiful and that belly is amazing. It's hanging lower and lower nowadays and I love the way it bounces. Some of the best belly drops in the game.
    Such a round mound of pounds! So full yet you can't resist taking more sips of that shake. Your growth is a joy to witness and with all the calories you've been taken in, it will continue rapidly.
    The way you battled your way through that cream was truly commendable and the little mistake you made at the beginning turned it into a messy adventure. Can't wait to see what else you have in store.
    Absolute greatness! A gorgeous face, beautiful skin and a belly that bounces so wonderfully when you grab, slap, lift, and drop it. Loved the burps as well as you talk about how you stuffed yourself silly. Belly Goddess describes you very well.
    This video is loaded with all the belly play goodies we all love. Bouncing, lifting and dropping, hanging, dangling, kneading, and all fours with the belly slapping against her thighs. If you like belly play vids, this is your jam.
    So much bouncing and jiggling from a such a sexy body here. What's not to love.
    Gorgeous gorging. You certainly know how to make eating a sex act. Seeing you laid out across that bed? Amazing.
    The way you enthusiastically eat is glorious. You can see the joy in every bite. You, your outfit, the shirt that keeps trying to call it quits, the belly rubs, the burps, all 5/5.
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