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  1. My own fetish band myself from the number one fetish site?
  2. This is unfortunate and I think he did the wrong thing. I've always had this fetish growing up. It really is a bizarre fetish and I don't know why I have it myself? I do Crossfit and I'm in the best shape of the my life! But fat women always turn me on? Makes zero sense. I admit I find pleasure in watching skinny woman get really fat but I personally prefer women who are already fat because I don't have to go through the hassle of fattening them up. I've tried everything to get rid of this stupid fetish but it is what it is. Fat gets me hard and it's been like that my entire life! I would agree with you though, that was not a good thing for him to do. If you do get back together with him, make sure you cut his porn use down, it'll force him to like you in other ways.
  3. That's the story of my life. Weight gain gets me so excited, especially in porn but in person I'm more attracted to normal size women because I want to see them get fat. I don't know how to go about it because I'm very fit and care about health. Something about a miserable fat woman who just gains weight is so arousing, especially if she complains about it. The best is when they get stuck in a chair, God help me. One of my coworkers was an attractive blond and she just blew up because of her pasta & beer diet. She doesn't talk to me much anymore because she's really embarrassed about it, she probably thinks I'm going to force her to workout. Another coworker is a BBW. Thank God she changed to a different shift because she would of cheated on her boyfriend. She has a medical condition that makes her gain weight really easy and she talks about it all the time! Doesn't help that I find it really interesting and that's all we talk about! At this rate she's going to be waddling in a few years! If I ever see her at that stage, it's over, we're fucking.
  4. A coworker of mine is about to explode when her metabolism lowers. Her mom is huge so there's some hope. She even jokes that one day she'll just explode when her metabolism slows. I'll ask her if she needs anything to eat and she'll pat her belly and say something like "I've been eating Oreos all day! I'm fine!" She has big boobs and some nice hips so it's looking pretty good so far. It turns me on just thinking about it. I'd ask her out but our schedule doesn't match very well. Kind of sucks but I'm not too worried about it because we get along really well. Plus she's still skinny in my opinion.
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