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    I love to make videos and stuff my face and bloat, wear sexy lingerie, tight clothes and jiggle around !

    i love to tease and be teased and I offer surprise clips for each review

    getting the hang of curvage and looking forward to lots more vids on here!

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    5' 2" (157cm)

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  1. got some new lighting and backdrop in! Gonna be filming this week and dropping new videos soon 🥰😍


    1. GGNGGN


      How can your sexy belly get any bigger? I can't wait to find out! 😍😍😍

  2. Fattyyyy


    1. Billy Goat

      Billy Goat

      Wow! What a stunning transformation!

    2. rubenslamour


      A really hot transformation and even the butterflies had to grown! I like Your curvous body so much.

    3. drpop


      That is some change with a large belly and overhang really nice to see. Nice to see that chin also coming in. Thanks for posting and take care.

    4. DairyQueen


      Thanks guys !!! Yay! 

  3. Do these jeans make me look fat?1FC19F56-943B-4E2D-BBD7-19BB22D9627B.thumb.jpeg.fe98dddb316e1c82939f73422e880808.jpeg

    1. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Those jeans make you looking so sexy.

    2. rubenslamour


      Not at all! They look great at You, but without them, You would look even better by the way 😉

  4. 3AEBE887-4827-40A3-927F-96BBD8604301.thumb.jpeg.650c8f6af265ae12ecdab7374a2b5b11.jpeg

     Feeling T H I C K 

    1. jaketherose


      That belly 😮

  5. You look beautiful please comment back to this comment when you can I think your sexy.

    Love your new fan James Andrews ☺ ☺ 💖 💖 

  6. Hey Y'all! My New film is approved!!

    I hope you like fat cows and role play ❤️ :D


  7. It's your big, fat Cow DairyQueen and She wants you to fatten her up! (Yes, Even more!) She's getting thicker and juicier, noticing her (recently bought) fave cow lingerie barely fits over her huge belly! She jiggles and shows off her body for you in heels and talks with you about making your favourite, pregnant looking cow BIGGER and BIGGER! ~In this clip~ Fat chat, belly play, your personal cow role play, booty shaking, feeder/feedee gaining chat, heels, lingerie modeling, jiggling, standing and sitting Please leave a detailed review for a free curvage clip!~


  8. New Video Approved!!  Story time with me :)



    1. Aria_Bbw


      So hot 😍😍

  9. I've been asked many weight gain questions so I gladly took some time to have a chat with you! Hang with DQ as she jiggles in her tight old clothes, snacks, burps, shows off and answer your questions ❤️ Grab a snack and a drink and join me!! ~In these clips~ Q + A, Talking about my weight gain journey, Fat Chat My Struggles, Habits and Goals, Starting size and Current size Conversation about the Past and hopes for the Future Embarrassing story time, Belly play, Jiggling and Eating Standing and Waddling (2 curvage clips) Leave a detailed review for a free curvage clip!~


  10. are y’all almost ready for all this jiggle and body?!


    1. DanteSparda45


      AHHHHHHH!!! I LOVE IT ALL!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    2. Aria_Bbw


      Yeeeesss 😍❤️

    3. Bellylover777


      Super sexy your big fat stuffed belly - I love it

  11. 219436A8-F667-4DA8-B463-463F4C722099.thumb.jpeg.2b5d4059990e5939ddaf30ea6c27f40f.jpegA25530AC-FC88-4F6A-BD74-C75985EF3EBC.thumb.jpeg.98ddd01dda57ee69710a18d8ef00f423.jpeg

    Editing film for the Story of my Weight gain plus Q and A!

    coming soon to curvage ! 

    1. GGNGGN


      Oh, baby! Can't wait for that one! You have grown an incredible belly! 😍😍😍😍😍

  12. Wanna play spot the difference? 
    Ive gotten so fat 😍

    1. Bradwardine


      Absolutely beautiful love how big you’ve become 😀😊

    2. Lucifer Morningstar

      Lucifer Morningstar

      So fat and so stunning 😍

    3. GGNGGN


      Ya think? You were a cute lil' hottie before, to be sure! But you gain has been amazing and I can't get enough of your sexy belly! 

    4. Bellylover777


      But you are looking soo sexy and beautiful now.

  13. 1C82270D-EB65-43FA-AEB0-F581548EFBAE.thumb.jpeg.89318a104bf51aa39dfca33142d0e9ae.jpeg

    my belly is getting so big!!

    1. Bellylover777


      And looking soo sexy - I love it

  14. 889B0A91-4DA8-4B90-B43B-E6211C630E5B.thumb.jpeg.28c6a2bd9d3987c0083019d20da2c730.jpeg

    like my butterflies? 

    1. GGNGGN


      I actually like the way that your massive belly pushes your tits off to each side! 😁

    2. Bellylover777


      Your butterflies on your sexy body are beautiful - and your sweet big stuffed belly is a real eye-catcher.

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