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    I love to make videos and stuff my face and bloat, wear sexy lingerie, tight clothes and jiggle around !

    i love to tease and be teased and I offer surprise clips for each review

    getting the hang of curvage and looking forward to lots more vids on here!

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    5' 2" (157cm)

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  1. Id love to feed you sometime... hmu :)

  2. What kind of video should I make next ? 🤠🐄🐮

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. dueceduece


      after stuffing waddling around and struggle video 

    3. FatGurlLover


      Get on all fours and show your belly hanging from a side view? 😊

    4. Nickie


      funnel feeding:)

    5. Jazzy9449


      A super bloated and fart video 

    6. thefranzy1


      I second the belly-focused pregnancy video!

    7. canyoumakeme


      Playing with tits and sucking them while burping 

  3. Have you seen my most recent Coke and Mentos bloat film yet?

    don't miss this video! ❤️ 

  4. 60F15F49-2CEC-4C40-B01C-1FD2B707DF3E.thumb.jpeg.7bc95257a2d08f0c3d3fec963e3f30a6.jpeg
    I love getting fatter and showing off for  you :)

    1. rubenslamour


      And we appreciate that a lot. You look so voluptous and big on this photo. Hot.

    2. Bellylove25


      Hi beutiful gaining lady! Just came across your different accounts in the web the very first time. Amazing and breathtaking evolution so far. In my opinion one of the the best foodb**s 😉. Therefore I did a little homage. Just to worship YOU. Pure pulchritude! Hope you like it as much as we all like your transformation! 😎

      Dairyqueen x beauty evolution1.jpg

  5. Do you have onlyfans?

    1. DairyQueen


      Yes I do! My Twitter features it often. Pls DM me 

  6. Wanna see this Dairy Cow expand?? I had so much fun burping and jiggling for you!!



  7. DairyQueen is back at it again with the Coke and Mentos bloat and is looking so much bigger this time around! If you watched 'My first Coke and Mentos Bloat' Curvage Clip then you know this video is all about the deep, loud burps and the swollen, distended view of my already massively round belly! I start by taking just under 10 Mentos from the roll and I have Two 20 0z bottles of Coke while I begin my Bloat in small lingerie and a skin tight pink tank top to show off every curve so you can really see me stretch my belly out! I give regular Belly updates through the film to show how taut and round my gut is becoming, My bed creaks underneath my immense weight and as I grow more and more I jiggle around and show you just how big and rock hard my huge tummy has become! Towards the end of the video I get so exhausted from the expansion that I have to lie down for an Oil Belly massage!! I mention how I wish you were there to help rub my big curvy belly down and I let out some more burps and even one hiccup-burp I honestly cant believe how Plump I become by the end of this clip! ~ Included in this Film~ Lots of Deep and LOUD Burps Fat Chat Bed Creaking Jiggling belly and Boobs Heavy breathing Whining due to being overstuffed Please don't forget to leave a detailed review of this clip for a FREE Curvage clip of your choice! I will personally thank you and send you a sexy treat! ❤️ (the video ends abruptly due to lost film)


  8. 0D4FE233-92C5-48B2-BAB8-F47BB7DBEB47.thumb.jpeg.d59ad56d3d1c0f9023c6bf9c5eb70d43.jpeg317D56E1-3EB1-4BDA-B0FA-EC76574C8D1F.thumb.jpeg.61f9a2f61c1a3646e1af3aa5f9c3f811.jpegAFEC2754-0FC7-4972-B63A-8421AC7245EB.thumb.jpeg.6b4705e2db66fda2be987f3ecdce546e.jpegEB493832-B692-4B66-811F-DC299DA376BE.thumb.jpeg.bde0579ecef5652abd7b8b74a7122fa8.jpegDAD74A0F-CF78-4675-8BE3-35A01E8F25B3.thumb.jpeg.b502da9f11faf9b8a01cc1b786120bea.jpeg7170B408-DF6C-42DC-A796-9C882CB8C99B.thumb.png.0262dc9f37ac9669f25e17e8aea33312.png
    Check out my sexy, gluttonous ice cream videos out now 💕💕💕

    1. Bellygazerpics
    2. rubenslamour


      Yes I would like to be one of these streams running down this fat loveable body and be licked of by this queen. Yes, please...

    3. Crafty Barnardo
  9. Ready for a messy, bovine adventure with DairyQueen? if you like big bellied girls who jiggle and show off this video is for you!! Watch this Dairy obsessed cow make a big, sexy mess drinking 28 ounces of melted ice cream and happily pigging out for 8 minutes of big feedee bliss ❤️ Included in this video: jiggling, chugging, mess making, dancing and heavy breathing ❤️ ❤️ Im not sure what happened but I notice there was at least 1 minute without Audio so please bare with me as I didn’t want you to miss out on this Gem ❤️ please leave a lovely and detailed review for a free clip!


  10. Thank you to @FIL1 for this lovely ️ review! 

    “In this clip Dairyqueen eats a lottt. You can see her big ballon belly growing step by step until pop out.. She becames very big and it's sooo cool at the end when she is very full eating lots of Mcdonald's food and 10.000 cal.  She shows off her full big belly thats hungs out and she is sooo bigg that she has problems to move in the car expecialy with the whell that touches the big belly.. At the end to show this big ballon belly she puts the car-seat at maximum back because there is no space enough...”


  11. Good morning babes !

    I have a new video up on curvage and a new social media to Follow me on since my IG isn’t coming back lol at tumblr.com/dairyqueen1994 

    💕🥰💕 happy Monday! 💕

    1. Miikey


      Oh what happened to your IG? :o

    2. DairyQueen


      They keep banning me I’ve been gone for months 

    3. wk2324


      Welcome back! Miss you

  12. Hey guys! Its ya girl Dairyqueen ❤️ Your favorite big-bellied babe is back!

    39 minutes of McDonald's stuffed Hog Heaven! Come and Get it while it's Fresh, at $7.99!




    1. FIL1


      sooo pretty and sooo big ballon belly

  13. Dairyqueen is back and fatter than ever! This time with a Full-Length McDonald's-in-car, casual vlog style stuffing! My feeder told me to eat a burger and Dairyqueen decided to go to McDonald's and try to finish a Cheeseburger, Large fries, Large coke, chicken nuggets, an apple pie and a hot fudge sundae ❤️ Watch as I burp, jiggle and expand! Eventually it becomes hard for me to move or even breathe! My shirt starts to become too restricting so I roll it up all the over my bra and continue to cram food in my face like crazy and completely pig out in my car with all the big belly girl pride to keep me from worrying if anyone can see me digging in! This video includes: Stuffing, bloating, burping, stuckage (in car chair default setting), fat chat story time, Jiggling, tight clothes, belly slapping until red, belly play and chugging melted ice cream I love to show off when I'm being a good piggy and I encourage all the teasing hehe Please leave a detailed review of the video and I will send you one free clip of equal or lesser value ! ❤️ Can you believe It pays to talk about what an obese hog I am? hehe


  14. It's honestly so hot the way you've let yourself go and become a big fat pig🐷 Are you going to continue to get bigger?❤

    1. DairyQueen


      thank you so much! and yess!! new video of me being a total fatty should be dropping asap! just waiting for curvage approval

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