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  1. Lovely face, with charming smile, big breast and wide hips with heavy bottom and chubby legs : how could we ask more ?? 😉
  2. Gilles

    Amber Nova

    I volonteer to arrange it so that : one has to "devote" himself, isn't it ?? 😎🙂😉
  3. Morgan Louise is an extraordinary woman : combining a smiling charming and "spiritual"face with insane curve and chubiness. What more could we ask for ? Merely a paradise girl for all feminine cuves lovers ! 😍 😍
  4. To me, her original " generous chubbiness" has gone too far (now to a real morbid obesity). What a pitty, she was by far more attractive, more sexy, when she was like this, 3 years ago, shaped like a very generous Coke classic glass bottle (just a personal feeling of course, I repect all 2way of feelings" regarding this) >
  5. Her smile is really charming 😎 (and so her curves, although she would be even more attractive with 10kg / 22 lbs more, especially filling her hips and breast !)
  6. Discovered her while searching randomly for BBW girls videos on Youtube 😛> Her Instagram page is full of really sexy photos > https://www.instagram.com/chelciej/
  7. Hi folks ! I have recently found out this lovely all chubby ebony lady (she must be around 35 Y.O) who has a Youtube channel dedicated to "plus-size clothing" fashion. She likes to wiggle around in lovely dresses, lovely skirts, and as a result I think she is really promoting these outfits for BBW girls who want to be sexy !... I especially love the 3rd (the most recent one) video, where she is swingin'herself in a pretty fancy and very exciting way 😛😍 >
  8. Wooh, I really fancy this all chubby and charming lady 😍, all the more that she seems being humble, not being presomptuous like so many pretty curvy girls are nowadays... In this short video, some another nice views of her >
  9. Couldn't find a topic about this all chubby charming ebony model, so I create one, she's really gorgeous, the living dream of all chubby girls lovers ! >
  10. Think Tess Holiday has gone really too far since her pregnancy and the birth of her baby : from a generous and sexy Chubbiness she was perfectly depicting to a real Obesity... I don't exactly know her personnality but don't like some political ideas she's pushing forward on her Facebook page... Wasn't she, by far, more sexy and physically attractive 3/4 years ago when she was like this ? >
  11. Hey man, this has been just a few months I joined this forum, and I just see your thread now. I love Allie Pearson and have collectionned a few free pics of her taken out from XL Girls or Score in 2014 ans 2015 (as far as I remember). Check them out > The last one being dedicated to "fat arms lovers" (like me) >
  12. Clearly she is wearing contact lenses : watch first and last photos of this page, and you will check that she has dark eyes
  13. Yeah, in addition to be wonderfully curvy shaped and chubby Ellana Bryan (from Ohio, no ?) seems to be a really "nice person". All these qualities mixed in one girl... it has become somewhat uncommon nowadays...
  14. How are you going ? I signed in on this forum almost one year ago, and then had no time and almost forgot it, but now I'm back and I take time to say a "Hello" to other members. I'm really keen on curvy, chubby, pretty faced girls (like Anastasia Lux or Allie Pearson, as examples). Sometimes I also feel very attracted by whay you call "Supersized girls" (if they don't have to much hanging belly...) like Ebony Crystal Clear as example, Samantha Slopes or Tess Holiday... So now that I can spend a bit of time in this nice forum, I hope to share this passion with you guys. Please if I do commit some English mistakes when writing or commenting tell it to me, and be kind enough to consider that although I love speaking, listening and writing English it's not my native tongue Yours faithfully and "see you" (well your pictures to be exact) later !
  15. Chubby body and cute face, what else ?
  16. As far as I remember I have always prefered chubby and curvy girls to skinny ones ! I love when a woman has big hips, fat arms and bib boobs... :)  

    1. S77


      It's great big fat hips and ass is wow

    2. Trove


      i also like bib boobs. that way she cant get food on em.

    3. Gilles


      I wanted to say "big boobs" of course and not "bob boobs" :)

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