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  1. Lovely face, with charming smile, big breast and wide hips with heavy bottom and chubby legs : how could we ask more ?? 😉
  2. Look how thick and sexy is this somewhat shy girl :
  3. Et "en prime" il y en a un autre, ici ! 😉
  4. Gilles

    Amber Nova

    I volonteer to arrange it so that : one has to "devote" himself, isn't it ?? 😎🙂😉
  5. Morgan Louise is an extraordinary woman : combining a smiling charming and "spiritual"face with insane curve and chubiness. What more could we ask for ? Merely a paradise girl for all feminine cuves lovers ! 😍 😍
  6. Ok, maybe in this case should you have named the topic "Contribution from Heisenberg" to make it clear at first sight ? Anyway, I try to move my post towards the topic "An actual contribution from Gilles" and if impossible thanks by anticipation to one of the forum administrators for doing it 😉
  7. To me, her original " generous chubbiness" has gone too far (now to a real morbid obesity). What a pitty, she was by far more attractive, more sexy, when she was like this, 3 years ago, shaped like a very generous Coke classic glass bottle (just a personal feeling of course, I repect all 2way of feelings" regarding this) >
  8. Hope this is the good topic for posting these (randomly found on the Web) few photos, and that you will like them >
  9. Her smile is really charming 😎 (and so her curves, although she would be even more attractive with 10kg / 22 lbs more, especially filling her hips and breast !)
  10. Christy Hartburg playing in the 70s movie "Super Vixen" (by Russ Meyer) : Courtney Mina : Other thick hotness (whose names or nickmnames I don't know) : Eudoxie Yao (she's Ivorian, and with 60 inch she claims to have "The biggest natural bum of all Africa", while her detractors assert that it is the result of plastic surgery...) :
  11. Discovered her while searching randomly for BBW girls videos on Youtube 😛> Her Instagram page is full of really sexy photos > https://www.instagram.com/chelciej/
  12. Hi folks ! I have recently found out this lovely all chubby ebony lady (she must be around 35 Y.O) who has a Youtube channel dedicated to "plus-size clothing" fashion. She likes to wiggle around in lovely dresses, lovely skirts, and as a result I think she is really promoting these outfits for BBW girls who want to be sexy !... I especially love the 3rd (the most recent one) video, where she is swingin'herself in a pretty fancy and very exciting way 😛😍 >
  13. Wooh, I really fancy this all chubby and charming lady 😍, all the more that she seems being humble, not being presomptuous like so many pretty curvy girls are nowadays... In this short video, some another nice views of her >
  14. Wow, stunning mature woman with very generous curves and pretty smile ! 😍
  15. Well, I don't know exactly in which topic posting theses ones (and don't have enough new material to start a new topic), so I share these few photos of Russian BBW girls here. I guess you will probably love them anyway >
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