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  1. I took these from a video I've been making and just love the way my belly looks, but I can;t help wishing it was bigger. i'm getting very serious about getting another 30 pounds on this body of mine <3
  2. Thank you so much! I can't quite believe I've reached this point. Earlier I was uploading more of my old videos to Kinkbomb (having to rebuild my store from scratch after Clipvia closed) and I uploaded one from about march last year after I had meningitis for the first time and I'd lost a lot of weight. I look terrible, I was totally shocked by how thin I was back then. It was a strong reminder of how far I've come in a year and how much better I feel about myself now
  3. Ugh, I've come down with flu :( I'm sorry I won't be around social media much if at all for a few days, please be patient with me if I take a while to respond :)

    1. S77


      Get well soon!

  4. Been taking screenshots from some of my videos for my new fart revenge blog and I can't believe this was me just 7-8 months ago. I've gained so much since this, I feel so much happier and comfortable in my big body! <3


  5. I was editing a video and kept taking screenshots because I couldn't believe this was really me!


    marbles round.png






    1. GurgleGoddess


      Oops, didn't mean to add all of them, sorry! Still, 7 for the price of 1, I guess!

    2. salami101




    3. JellyKat


      I love the blue hair!!

    4. slugowl


      Your hair is really pretty! <3 Super jelly. Mine rarely behaves as well. lol

  6. I need the Argos delivery guy to hurry up and get here so I can cook my pizzas without fear of being interrupted!

  7. Thank you so much! I can't believe how much I've grown. I cannot wait for Pizza Hut week to give my belly growth a boost!
  8. I cannot believe the way my body has grown, especially my belly. I knew the big, all you can eat breakfasts at the hotel had done some good this week (Had to stay near hospital for some appointments and took advantage of the situation to grow my gut!) but hitting that sweet 200 pound mark has blown me away! My belly has never felt so stretched - or looked so wide! <3
  9. 80 Pounds in 9 Months <3 I think I've got this thing cracked at last!

  10. Just been editing a video I made with Luce a couple of months back and wanted to share a few screenshots I took!
  11. Thank you so much! I think I probably had a large pizza in there
  12. Thank you so much for the support, it means so much to me, it truly does. it's been a three year journey to get to this point but I feel like I'm fially getting where I want to be! I posted some videos on my YT channel over Christmas that you might enjoy! Plus next year I'm planning to give my weight a BIG ush with a Pizza Hut challenge... can you imagine how full IU'll be, eating at Pizza Hut every day for 4 or 5 days, sometimes twice a day, and stuffing myself in between any time my belly growls? Plus I have bloating plans to prepare for the wek, to stretch my gut to its limit! Here's my vlog about it: My belly has been VERY busy lately
  13. I wanted to share a couple of the photos I took as a surprise for my fiancee for Chrstmas - I hope you enjoy them too!
  14. Clipvia is dead, I'm trying to rebuild my work from the ground up, and it's going to take some time. Please be patient while I work out how best to make my videos available again, and in the meanwhile I'd appreciate your support by viditing my new store on BentBox here: http://bentbox.co/gurglegoddess (you can also use Paypal there!) Please spare a thought for all the other studios picking up the pieces this morning after finding their stores were gone, and I'd also appreciate you giving my blog post a read with more info: http://xxmisty.tumblr.com/post/155016617206/clipvia-is-dead

  15. Hey everyone! I'm so sorry I've been away for so long. I had a third bout of meningitis in November. I'm still undergoing tests to find the cause of the recurent meningitis, until then I'm fighting forward as always. Now, here I was a week or so ago when I weighed 188 pounds - I've gained 2 more since then but here's my growing gut for your viewing pleasure!
  16. Hey everyone :) I'm sorry I've been away, meningitis is a bitch. But I've hit the 190 pound milestone and I cannot believe it! Tme to celebrate! :D

  17. In one year's time my beautiful fiancee Luce and I will be married <3 We set our wedding date - 1st November 2017! I am so damn lucky and have never ever felt so happy in my life!!!

    1. salami101


      Congratulation... I only saw pictures of both of you but they were a huge statement in favor of those like me advocating that feederism can beautifull..

      Best wishes

  18. I do have a vlog channel which I keep with my fiancee although I've not had the opportunity (healthwise mostly) to make maky vlogs yet but I will be posting there more very soon. I want to keep my work channel for belly stuff and talk about things that have happened to me, talk about my gain, talk about how freeing it was to come out about my fetish and so on - I'm looking forward to doing those things for a change I am alson happy to share my personal vlog channel if you like Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it
  19. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your encouragement May I ask what kind of best of compilation you are making before I reply? Thank you so much! I've had a lot of really nice comments about my voice recently which really make me happy. I'm planning on making some talking/ASMR videos and sound only recordings soon
  20. Food ordered and on the way - massive pasta binge awaits!!

  21. Hey everyone! I wanted to share my 13 stone milestone/75 pound gain (in 7 months) video with you all. I can't believe how much I've gained - my goal was to hit 12 stone by the end of the year and I've more than smashed that! I hope you enjoy it
  22. hey everyone! I've been offline for the last month or so because I'm still struggling to recouperate from the second bout I have of meningitis. It's absolutely floored me and although I tried to get back to work as soon as I could I needed more time to recover. I'm not there yet, I can only do very small pieces of work here and there. ut the bed rest seems to have been good for one th it's helped me gain a TON of weight! I weighed myself last week and I was over 13 stone! I think I worked out I was around 184.5 pounds/83.8kg? I managed to make a couple of videos to celebrate my gain, squeezing (barely) back into the shorts and bikini top I used for my 12 stone mile stone video to see the difference! I am so overwhelmed with happiness at finally having the fat body I've dreamed of all my life, I wanted to share some of the photos I took that day
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