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  1. Ugh, I've come down with flu :( I'm sorry I won't be around social media much if at all for a few days, please be patient with me if I take a while to respond :)

    1. S77


      Get well soon!

  2. Been taking screenshots from some of my videos for my new fart revenge blog and I can't believe this was me just 7-8 months ago. I've gained so much since this, I feel so much happier and comfortable in my big body! <3


  3. I was editing a video and kept taking screenshots because I couldn't believe this was really me!


    marbles round.png






    1. GurgleGoddess


      Oops, didn't mean to add all of them, sorry! Still, 7 for the price of 1, I guess!

    2. salami101




    3. JellyKat


      I love the blue hair!!

    4. slugowl


      Your hair is really pretty! <3 Super jelly. Mine rarely behaves as well. lol

  4. I need the Argos delivery guy to hurry up and get here so I can cook my pizzas without fear of being interrupted!

  5. 80 Pounds in 9 Months <3 I think I've got this thing cracked at last!

  6. Clipvia is dead, I'm trying to rebuild my work from the ground up, and it's going to take some time. Please be patient while I work out how best to make my videos available again, and in the meanwhile I'd appreciate your support by viditing my new store on BentBox here: http://bentbox.co/gurglegoddess (you can also use Paypal there!) Please spare a thought for all the other studios picking up the pieces this morning after finding their stores were gone, and I'd also appreciate you giving my blog post a read with more info: http://xxmisty.tumblr.com/post/155016617206/clipvia-is-dead

  7. Hey everyone :) I'm sorry I've been away, meningitis is a bitch. But I've hit the 190 pound milestone and I cannot believe it! Tme to celebrate! :D

  8. In one year's time my beautiful fiancee Luce and I will be married <3 We set our wedding date - 1st November 2017! I am so damn lucky and have never ever felt so happy in my life!!!

    1. salami101


      Congratulation... I only saw pictures of both of you but they were a huge statement in favor of those like me advocating that feederism can beautifull..

      Best wishes

  9. Food ordered and on the way - massive pasta binge awaits!!

  10. Gurgly, hungry tummy, waiting for fries to arrive, trying to add a few curves before I do a photo shoot tomorrow <3

  11. Felt so good to finally get around to editing and posting my '50 pound gain in 6 months' video/vlog on YT; I cannot believe how big and round and soft every part of my body looked - plus I couldn't stop laughing at the thumbnail YT chose for the video, focusing on my big butt! :D

    yt likes my butt.png

  12. Want to feel better so I can get out of bed, get eating and get filming!!!!

  13. Just discovered I've hit the 12 and a half stone mark, I can't believe it! I fel huge and heavy and soft and amazing, I can;t stop feling my belly right now <3

  14. My belly is howling and I have the worst hunger pangs ever, oh my god! Is this a normal part of getting fat or do I just have a really greedy belly?? :D


    1. GurgleGoddess


      I's proving to be very insistant!!!

    2. reiinapop


      The more regularly you stuff, the more your belly is gonna expect large amounts of food all the time. you spoiled your tummy and now it needs moooore 

  15. Last night I overate hugely and had the most incredible bellyrub of my life, my partner Lucy is amazing <3

  16. I've ben offline for the last week due to a sudden and severe downturn in my health, I had a bad fibromyalgia flare which set off my narcolepsy severely and I have spent this past week mostly not conscious and definitely unable to get online. Every time I tried and started something simple like browsing tumblr or something I'd black out again. If you've sent me a message or comment and I've not replied yet please be patient, I'm just getting back on my feet. I hope everyone is doing OK <3

  17. Went to bed but couldn't sleep because my tummy started rumbling really badly, guess I need a pre-midnight snack...

  18. I finished editing and posted my 12 stone milestone video and oh my god, I look so big, I am totally in love with my tummy! <3


    1. slugowl


      You're so cute. <3 This funnily enough looks like a shot you'd see from a mom-to-be! hahaha

  19. I'm about to start edting my 12 stone celebration video, Excited to se how big I look in the footage!!!

  20. Belly isn't satisfied by any less than 4 chocolate muffins in one sitting, oops

  21. Full of pizza right now but in no way full. My belly knows no boundaries any more!

  22. I hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

  23. OH MY GOD I am about ot make videos for the first time since I got sick with meningitis 5 weks ago and I have actually outgrown my turqoise shorts... then I saw my body in the mirror and I can't believe it, I'm crying the happiest tears right now, I finally look the way I always wished I did. I've had so much gain in the last few weeks, this is my belly completely empty!!!!

    Picture 1086.jpg

  24. I hit my 12 stone weight gain goal for the year already! But I'm not 100% sure if I can celebrate yet because I also swallowed lots of glass stones for fun and work so they are skewing the total :P

  25. Seriously overdid things at Pizza Hut last night!


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    2. GurgleGoddess


      Why won't it let me like your comment?? because I couldn't agree more!

    3. sirfeedulots


      Your words come through better than any "like" could, mademoiselle...

      And you've got this here Feeder smiling.


    4. sirfeedulots


      BTW, Homestuck, The Boys from The Dwarf, Dr. Who, Ashes to Ashes....

      Smeg-o-rama! :) Make me any happier and I'll be in space with Major Tom.

    5. GurgleGoddess


      That's awesome!! I am a fandom slave, cannot help it, always have been, way back before fandom was even a thing :D Sounds like you have great taste! Are you on tumblr at all?

    6. sirfeedulots


      I opened a Tumblr account back in the Paleozoic, but never used it. Perhaps I'll have incentive now.


      Btw, your new FF vid is going to make it hard for this Feeder to concentrate on his work. ;)


    7. GurgleGoddess


      If you do then be sure to follow me, i'm xxmisty and I've been using my personal tumblr to obsess over fandom for the past 4 years! Glad you enjoyed the video :D

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