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  1. I was born with it and it was not my environment. I think as a preference it’s much more common in society than you’d think. The universe create fat people and their admirers like puzzle pieces.
  2. Don’t make her gain, let nature take its course and be patient. It’s her body and she knows what you enjoy, if she loves food etc that’s all that matters.
  3. Issue: I am worried my family will fat shame my girlfriend. Our backstory: I’m the luckiest man alive, I have a beautiful new girlfriend and things have gotten very serious and it’s time to mix our lives together. I am naturally skinny and tall ( just under 70 kg , tall at 6’1)and my partner is 138 kg but tallish at 5’9.) We have an amazing relationship and work well when problem solving /negotiating through the usual disputes couples occasionally have. We are a good team. She desperately wants to make a good impression with my family and I want to do the same with hers.( I know how lucky I am.) She is Latina and I am Irish,neither of our families are racist but mine can be sizeist. My older brother and his girlfriend are fitness fanatics and he openly ridicules fat pride/body positivity advocates. My mum is a sweet woman but mildly fatphobic and sometimes makes comments in private about people we know. My partner is worried that my family might be concerned about her weight and that by living together she might make me fat or that my family would be concerned about fat grandchildren. My partner has battled anorexia in her teens( dropping to 50 kg at her lowest weight) I am highly protective of her and would jump to her defence in a heart beat. My girlfriend prefers being fat and was before I met her, she enjoys her food and loves showing off her belly.I do not encourage her to gain but enjoy if she does,I try to be as healthy as possible given the long term consequences but she gains weight very easily and we both enjoy it in private. I am incredibly proud to be with her and we are looking to get engaged, married and start a family. My question is this: Do you have any advice on dealing with fat shaming from future in laws? How do you keep the peace? We have no intention of accepting any disrespect but we want to be as respectful as possible because we want them in our lives.
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