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  1. No need to be sorry just take care of yourself. I love that belly is so nice and big. I cant wait for more updates soon. Thansk for posting, take care.
  2. comparison post. I cant get over how big you are getting and all the pictures showing off your growing curves and what a figure you have. All your clothes must be getting so tight and having trouble finding some thing to weat must be hard. That belly of yours has some stretch marks on it showing off all that eating is having an effect on you. just show off how great you look. I love how those biknis are showing every inch of you off. Thanks for posting all those pictures of you just great to look at and admire you. Thanks again and take care.
  3. I cant wait to see the after pictures you look great and you have a nice figure.
  4. Thanks for posting these pictures different angles with back and front showing off your progress. These full body standing upright pictures allow us see the great progress your are making you look great I just love the weight journey has done your body so soft and plush with a growing figure. Slow and steady wins the race. Thanks for posting and you look great. take care.
  5. It's nice to see you outdoors showing off that beautiful body and all that moving of your body showing jiggle and wobbling around. Red is lovely on you showing off your how beautiful body of yours you look great, Thanks as always for showing your progress. I love the great weather you are having, blue sky and sun out. take care.
  6. I like you better in the fat hog state no more slim and trim fit body anymore. You look better now and so soft with growing heft.
  7. I want to say thanks for posting these pictures of you and taking us on this journey with you. You are always so beautiftul. Thanks again..
  8. I like your story and how big you would like to get with SSBBW status, you already big and enjoying your journey. The pictures are also nice as food is put in front of you. That belly is nice and over your waist band.
  9. I just love the growth and plush and how fat you are becoming you are all woman. so nice looking.
  10. You are really getting so soft and I can only hope to see you become alot bigger. thanks for sharing take care.
  11. Thanks chy for posting your ever expanding and growing figure. God you look great. Thanks again and take care.
  12. Thanks for posting these jems you look great and so happy with your growing plush body, I hope you keep getting bigger. I didnt see these on the home page good thing I checked this thread. Thanks for posting these and take care of your self.
  13. Thanks for posting these pictures, the progress is great too see. Those leggings and nice top of yours are so tight on your ever growing body showing off every inch. That belly is getting nice and big and really starting to get a nice belly hang. Thanks again, take care.
  14. You are getting so much bigger and all that eating is doing you well. Thanks for the detail of what it like to start getting soft. Thanks and take care, stay safe.
  15. You have a nice big belly and not as toned as you were before. Nice smile. Thanks for posting, take care.
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