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  1. Hello and welcome and hope you enjoy it here. That belly of yours is so big, you must be doing some eating. take care.
  2. You look so happy and you keep blowing my mind. The before picture you look so tiny and now looking were you are. I cant wait to see what more growing you will do, you look great. You are so big, but only want to get much bigger wow just wow cant wait see more. Thanks and keep safe out there.
  3. I am happy you are happy with your big belly it looks great and so big. You are able to grab it.
  4. I cant wait to see how large you will become you have done so well. I love how your body has just ballooned getting so big. I cant wait to see more photos and videos clips. Thanks for always posting and keep us up to date.
  5. Your belly is so nice and big with those red strech marks are also showing. You have not been skipping any meals of late all that eating. thanks for posting take care.
  6. I want to say thanks for keeping us up to date with your progress. I like how your body is growing and the weight is spreading over your body. The black legging are hugging your legs and thighs looking great. That belly is really getting big cant wait for it to get bigger so much work. A muffin top is also making an apperance over the leggings with back rolls forming. your looking great and thanks for posting, keep safe out there.
  7. I like how your hair hangs around your face nice pink colour aswell. Your 6 ft figure is soft and plump you look great, the weight really suits you. Hope you are having a good day.
  8. You are really packing away all that food is great to see and hope you can improve while you are getting bigger. Thanks for sharing hope too see more.
  9. Welcome and thanks for sharing your story with the pictures which are showing you have a muffin top. Thanks and take care.
  10. I cant belive that growth you have done it really looks great and your tummy has gotten so big and so soft. We wil see with journey takes you from here. Thanks for the starting story I am waiting to see what people add onto it. take care.
  11. Your growth journey is great to see and how you are enjoying it is great to see. I like how you clothes are hugging you every curve of your figure with all that eating you are doing. The leggings and hoodie you cut to where belly hangs out just wow. Seeing tight legging and sports bra on woman just wow. Thanks for letting join you on this journey. thanks and take care.
  12. I really like the pictures of you and with all the work you have done is great. I look foward to your journey of growth of being a massive SSBBW I cant wait for more. Thanks for posting and sharing this journey with us. Please take care.
  13. I want to say thanks for letting us as a community join you this journey of growth and that you feel happier for doing so. You put your self out their with pictures, videos and word content while we hide behind user names, we very much appreciate with what you have done and content. I like how you make everyone us feel as part of the family thanks very much Thanks very much for you being you and please take care of your self out there.
  14. Thanks for taking time to post all these pictures you look really plump and pushing the clothes to there limits. Hope the the move is going well. take care.
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