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  1. tha_lewd

    Weight Gain Story Lines (TV & Movies)

    And you sound like a 14 year old parroting 4chan buzzwords for attention. "Cuck" is old hat, by the way, their new thing is to call everyone a "soyboy."
  2. Yeah that's the exact issue my dude. How is anybody supposed to love you if you can't love yourself? Things might be rough for you and maybe you're not proud of who you are or where you're at, but if you won't find pride in yourself, neither will anyone else. If you're really, chemically, medically depressed, then I'm sorry for you, and you should try to seek out some kind of help. As dopey as it sounds to say, you get what you give, and if you're gonna walk through life thinking you'll always be unlovable, then that's how you'll be treated. The only person who can improve your self image is you.
  3. tha_lewd

    Mascha Vang

    Thanks for this, I'm American so my only language options in school were Spanish and French. I downloaded the episodes but of course I can only sort of guess what they're saying. Your highlight reel was appreciated
  4. tha_lewd

    Female wrestlers

    kirsch do you mean to imply that these wrestling matches have predetermined outcomes, that they might possibly be a "work," of some sort? I cannot believe that you would impugn the dignity of these athletes. I am absolutely incredulous.
  5. tha_lewd

    Emilia Clarke/GoT Daenerys

    A couple times in book four, when she's drinking a lot of wine, she remarks that her gowns are getting tighter. No other character ever remarks on it and in short order she's arrested and starved by their universe's pope.
  6. Also ITT: "h..how DARE she not stay chubby! I'm gonna poke holes in the validity of her demonstration! That'll take her down a peg!"
  7. tha_lewd

    Breakfast with sister

    It's vernacular English, yes. I've never heard the phrase myself, but I think it's pretty easy to work out from context that "tearing a strip off" suggests "giving her a hard time" about something or other.
  8. tha_lewd

    Yellow Bikini Girl and Her Friend

    The gal in the yellow bikini is Katie Cummings. She's got a thread in the video section if I'm not mistaken Oh good I checked and I'm not http://www.curvage.org/forum/index.php?topic=22.0
  9. tha_lewd

    Breakfast with sister

    I've got some news that may startle you
  10. tha_lewd

    interesting japan girl

    Excellent, thank you.
  11. tha_lewd

    interesting japan girl

    Any chance you could give us some context for this clip? I can take a few educated guesses but the best they could hope to be is imprecise.
  12. tha_lewd

    Studio 15 Beer Belly Challenge Content

    Yeah, everyone has a price, but where's the money gonna come from? How much money would it take to convince a hot girl or girls to gain weight and document it? Could we find a wealthy perverted benefactor? Start a collection? A diplomatically worded kickstarter?
  13. tha_lewd

    Coming Back To the Nest

    Awesome story. I'm from northeast Ohio myself and I appreciate all the little pieces of local flavor.