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  1. Anyone ever come across a video about an Australian woman who used to be a cheerleader (in high school, i think) but gained a bunch of weight after she got a job with a lunch buffet? I think it was her story and her trying to get fit again.

    1. RugDug
    2. ijustkant


      Yea I think it was called eat yourself sexy Australia. I've looked everywhere for the original episode and the person (Lisa Brotherson) but haven't found anything other than that video.

    3. Callie Cuttlefish

      Callie Cuttlefish

      I happen to have the full episode.

    4. ijustkant


      Would you be willing to upload it or trade?

    5. Weightwatcher


      It is on youtube by the way. Along with the rest of the series.

    6. ijustkant


      Oh, I see, I must have not looked on youtube in a while. Thanks!

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