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  1. Merry Christmas to all of you!  Curvage just removed my previous Merry Christmas (seriously?) post, despite me not making money anywhere with my content. Because a line in the sand was crossed, this will unfortunately be my last post on Curvage. Depending on how this issue is resolved, it is highly likely that I also will be closing my Curvage account by the end of the year. If you Gooooogle search for Chubby Vanessa you can still find me elsewhere.


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    2. chubby vanessa

      chubby vanessa

      @regbill: I will miss my supporters here too. The main loss will be Curvage's because whatever it is they are so afraid of me mentioning in even the most obfuscating terms, and which does not make any money for me, was making money for them because it is already in the top 1% worldwide and growing faster than I am.

    3. regbill


      I hope you're able work things out.


    4. chubby vanessa

      chubby vanessa

      @regbill: thank you, but I think it is unlikely.

  2. Christmas has not even started and my tummy already looks post Christmas 😊


    1. jex1


      Can't wait to see what the holidays look like on you!

    2. SapphicCurves


      I have a sudden inexplicable urge for muffins 😍


  3. Thumbnail of Slim Before & Chubby After YT video celebrating 2000000 views.


  4. Chugging full cream milk plus chubby belly workout YT video.


    1. bellyfan19


      Magnificent! The slow motion was amazing! Then when you went super slo mo... that broke me. That’s some Jeremy Bearimy stuff right there!

    2. chubby vanessa

      chubby vanessa

      @bellyfan19: thank you 😊, I came a long way to become confident enough to show my jiggle like that in super slow motion. When I started my channel I was even too shy to show my tummy without clothes 😊

    3. bellyfan19


      Well, thanks for coming out of your shell and sharing your incredible beauty with us!  I hope to see more of you in the future 😎

  5. Thumbnail of my Chubby Belly & Body Trailer Celebrating 10000 YT Subscribers


  6. Back on YT after a break with a curvier and more toned chubby belly


  7. chubby has posted a new photo

    Do you love or hate visible panty line (VPL) caused by undersized panties? Find out what people think and participate in the poll on my latest YT video.


    1. SapphicCurves


      Love them! VPL's are a sign that a booty is becoming ever bigger and rounder 😍


  8. Thumbnail of my latest YT video "Outgrown top: 5 years Before and 48lbs After"


    1. bsmith762001


      So beautiful. Such a perfect figure!  Please post more often.

  9. Chubby....you have a perfect muffin top...….

  10. Thumbnail of my latest YT video "Outgrown top: 5 years Before and 48lbs After"


  11. Thumbnail of my latest YT video...


    1. HersheyChubb


      Ooooooh man you look so good

    2. regbill


      Your curves make that dress look stunning.

    3. chubby vanessa

      chubby vanessa

      @regbillThank you and I love that more than "That dress makes your curves look stunning" 🤣

  12. Thumbnail of my new YT video showing how my top keeps riding up while working out...


  13. Thumbnail of my new YT video of me working out...


  14. Oh no....my tummy measures 40 inches now!
    This is just the thumbnail of my latest YT video.
    Enjoy watching!


  15. Thumbnail of my latest YT video, enjoy watching!


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