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  1. Haha I know!! You’ll have to be good at this, or at least it is should create great content. So the effort will be a win anyhow! hope to see you succeed soon! 😉
  2. Hi Lauren! This is a skill that has your name written all over it! https://www.instagram.com/reel/ClJl7DttfHg/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Are you up for the challenge?!? 😇
  3. Woooow Lauren such wonderful news!! It’s going to be magical, you’ll for sure be a great mom for your little one ♥️ So so so happy for you, I wish everything will go smooth for you both 🙏🏼 Btw, are you confident it isn’t going to be twins?!? 😅🫣
  4. I know you’re quite unique, yet are you also one of those ladies who watches Nascar?! ☺️
  5. maf

    Mayara Russi

    Ow my Mayara, Mayara Mayara! woow does she look good just sitting on the sofa! She’s gorgeous. 🤩 must also agree, I think she never took this much space before mind blowing, also the comparison in front view with the lady in the middle, which is also not a tiny woman btw.. wooooow just wooooow 🥰
  6. You may try, but I guess there is no amount of ice cream that can cool down your hotness 😉
  7. 👀Wow that’s a blast from the past! Hope you got way more tricks up your sleeves this upcoming period. Because you’re a treat and you’ll make so many people happy when you’d post more delicious looking treats like this Please Passion please 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  8. maf

    Loey Lane

    She surely won’t be able to fly with these small wings, but woow what an angel 🤩🤩✨
  9. Ooorrrr you train them so hard by commanding them continiously without a break.. that they only get rest when they make sure you’ve got something to chew on. So they are only rewarded with a little break when you are eating, because you can be distracted with deliciousness taking the focus of your drills. Therefore they are triggered to get you a continuous flow of foods and drinks, only because they now new commands will follow when you’ll be running out of delicious foods and drinks. And secretly that has been your game plan all along 😉
  10. You are so humble to help people get quicker and stronger to increase the supply rates, creating your little army to transfer more foods… oh sorry… Goods per time so they will be future proof to serve the always increasing consumption ‘society’ 😲 oh you are such a visionair and a master!🙏🏼
  11. At least you embraced to become a bodybuilder.. a bit different than most people would expect. But you’veput the work in it and you’ve surely been building! 🤩
  12. That sucks!! Lots of drinks, ice cream and some sticky sweets are the things that help me to cope with a sore throat :/ hope it helps for you too. I wish you a speedy recovery 🤞🏼
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