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  1. First we start by feeding you your own home made chocolate chip cookies, because clearly you have a craving for them at that moment. Otherwise you wouldn’t have put the energy in it. 😉 Off course you have made them for me, which is soo kind! 😊 But we both know you made them only for me to feed them to you. 😉 You know I can’t eat while you look at me with that begging face of yours! Yet just after we started it is clear that there are not enough chocolate chip cookies for you to still your hunger. So we grab a bucket of ice cream as well, we start scooping the ice cream with the extra, extra large cookies, there is often so much on a cookie that it fits barely into your mouth. The melting ice cream starts dripping from your lips. They start to feel sticky and you’ll lick up all the fallen ice cream, from your lips, from your curvaceous chest, from your fingers which you’ve used to grab other bits of ice cream that have fallen onto your belly. It would be such a shame when food will not make it to your growing waist and would otherwise be waisted!! And girl does this make you thirsty!! 😲 So in the meantime we will make some nice and thickening hot chocolate milk with lots and lots of whipped cream. It feels like the perfect drink to go with this snack! You can feel the hot chocolate enter your belly which feels so cold inside from all the ice cream, gosh that feels good! Once you have had your second, third and maybe even more you feel soo full! One can see it in your eyes that you are statisfiably full! You start look down at your belly which is kindly rubbed by our hands, jiggling slowly from right to left and up and down. You cab and see how it has been filled with delicious food and hot drinks. No wonder you look just like that! Hot and delicious 👌🏼
  2. Incredible, you look soo lush! 🤩 Those curves are mesmerizing, one can clearly see how soft and massive you are. You must be so huggable ☺️
  3. Of course to demolish the breakfast buffet, let the hotel employees run up and down to bring you food and drinks, describing their faces and maybe let them wonder if there are seriously not two or even 3 people in the room. Ow and check if their towels and bathrobes are big enough to wrap around your magnificent body. And if not, how much is the difference now? ☺️ ‘try’ the gym they have, but before you start it might be wise to eat some candybars that you’ll grab from a vending machine to rise your energy level. And why not grab some more after your workout? And maybe try the pool area as well? Giving some employees and guests a stunning sight that they’ll remember for ever ☺️
  4. Oeh! Congratulations with your birthday Lauren 🥳 I hope your birthday has been nothIng short to be amazingly lovely and delicious! 😊
  5. Exactly, truly heart warming 🥰 @LushLauren I’m so happy for you, taking this experience with the other two ladies with you and that you have seriously bonded so well. And maybe on another level than you would have thought before this trip. That’s just wonderful! ♥️
  6. Fabulous And Thick doesn’t cover it anymore you’re far beyond that 🤩😉
  7. Hope you’ll feel much better soon! Curious if your beautiful body can handle the fight back home a little better 😉🙏🏼 and damn, lately you look even more gorgeous 🤩
  8. Have fun and ENJOY your sweet trip to the sun! Hope you take everything in, absorbing it like a sponge 😅🥰
  9. Ah that sucks! Hope you feel better asap so you can catch up with everything you’ve missed with Christmas 😉☺️♥️
  10. Buon Natale signora Coniglietta 😉♥️

    1. BigBunny


      Anche a te 💫

  11. Ow and don’t you wanna buy all the versions they have of this cut? 😅 you might also want to buy a size larger, just in case. Meaning when it unintentionally would end up and shrink in a dryer or something ☺️🤷🏼‍♂️😉
  12. So happy you found this nice pair of jeans!! I really know how lucky you can feel when you suddenly have found such a match. Love it and own it !!!! 😉👏🏼
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