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    Wooow this video is yet again spectacular! 😲 There is a side by side comparison in different outfits which really show how incredibly lush Lauren has become! It is truly breathtaking to watch her beautiful jiggly and curvacious body in these tight clothes. And knowing these clothes must even be much tighter now..... it will really blow your minds 😉 Don’t miss out!! 😇
  1. Sounds like a wonderful evening 😉👍🏼☺️
  2. Holy smokes, that’s the most beautiful easter bunny ever! 🤩🤩
  3. maf

    Diana Sirokai

    Aahh this woman...... 😲
  4. Holy smokes your belly just keeps growing! 🤩
  5. maf

    Johana Maya

    She makes that BMW look tiny!! ☺️
  6. Oww my that sihouette does tell a story doesn’t it 😅 You look incredible and hope you still like your mac’n cheese despite you’ve surely had plenty of it, or had it been to much so you’ve now discovered a new favourite dish? 😋
  7. maf

    Alex LaRosa

    Wooow now that‘s a WOMAN!! 😲🤩
  8. maf

    Female wrestlers

    Incredible! And for once she is not wearing black 😅😉👌🏼
  9. Ow shoot she is cute!! 😍
  10. Any recent images maybe??
  11. Again, it is about being fine with yourself. If you don’t feel good about it, then you should change it, physically or mentally. I never said you are not meant to care about a gain or how you feel. I said that if someone would be completely fine with herself. Only then realises she had gained a couple of pounds when she stands on a scale and the number has changed, ruining her whole self esteem and mood... that to me is twisted. But only if that person was completely fine with herself just before stepping on the scale. For who is not feeling fine, feels like she has become heavier against her own liking, so who is not comfortable with herself. That is a whole different story! Than yes, you should do something about it if it would make you feel better. And I would fully support that, as I said in my previous post.
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