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  1. Version 1.0.0

    In this video you'll be Marlene's boyfriend waking her up after her nap. She obviously ate too much and that's why she had to take this nap ! You can touch her body, especially her belly to motivate her to wake up but really she's very lazy ! She has to stretch a little bit before actually standing up because this is what her Dr told her to do, but you see that even just getting her legs up is hard for her. In this video Marlene is very candid, with no make-up, nothing to make her pretty, just like it's everyday life at home with her boyfriend !


  2. Hey my dear followers !

    Here is my new video for Easter. Hope you'll like it 😍



  3. Version 1.0.0

    In this video, for the first seconds, you'll see me eating some green food because bunnies eat green food ! Actually what you'll see the most in this part are my breasts xD. Then the biggest part of the video start, I'll be in bed enjoying some small chocolate cakes, talking with my french accent😊, eating, licking my fingers, being lazy, exposing my stretch marks... I'm all in a good mood and it shows ! ^x^


  4. Hi everyone ! Like to see chubby-fat girls dancing and jiggling all around ?

    Check my new video then ! 🤗

    I had so much fun doing it even if my cardio wondered what happened ^^


    1. notto125


      You're the best baby ❤️❤️

  5. Version 1.0.0

    In this video, you'll see Marlene preparing the coffee table to receive food. She's wearing short shorts revealing her fatty legs which are, although not the same size (not yet 😉), shaped like elephants's! Then the sandwiches are on the table, a nice soft jazzy music starts and she eats greedily hmm. You can see on her face that she feels better already ! Her belly is round and firm like a balloon. She punches it gently like to check it's filling up well ! Do you think it is ? 😘


  6. Version 1.0.0

    For this first video of Marlene, this is a candid one where you can take the place of her cat in the cat tree and see her being all lazy, almost jaded, and eating a nice plate of homecooked pasta alla carbonara to comfort her in the afternoon. You'll notice how small is her head compared to her body with her little double-chin deforming her face, and you can't help but see how her leggings are way too small for her fat. That's because these leggings were meant for when she was 132 lbs less ! First you see her from a bit far for the 8 first minutes and then it zooms and you can see even better her belly that she rubs gently time to time like to help the food makes its way... After that, she drinks loads of water and turn so you can see her whole jiggling body. For the final, you'll see her coming to you in slow-motion... Ready for 17 minutes in her everyday life? 😋


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