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  1. (Finally de-lurking to proffer an opinion based on personal experience) In all honesty, I really think you should tell her more or less exactly what you're into. I know it's a touchy subject and you don't want to freak her out or anything, but if your lady is anything like mine was, she probably thinks (on at least some level) that you're just a "good guy" that would never have the heart to tell her she's getting "too big for you". I was with my (quite large) girlfriend for some time before we had the 'talk' about this stuff - it certainly took some courage - and though I had never expressed anything but positivity towards her figure, she confessed to never having actually whole-heartedly believed that I found her so attractive until that moment. Obviously things seem to be going well for you both, and it's a scary proposition to just lay it out there but I really believe it'll be the best thing you could do for the both of you. Anywho. Best of luck either way, and congrats on how everything is going
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