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    Simple movie of a gorgeous girl with a perfect figure dressing up in different clothes that highlight her perfect figure. An absolute delight. Laura's belly and love handles have acquired a lovely 'bulge' distance over the top of her shorts that is completely mesmerising. Plus, lots of talking. Ahhhh... 😍
  1. Was enjoying one of your jeans videos yesterday. Hope you're having a good Xmas! 😘

    Wow, so much belly wobbling, jeans-stuffing and muffin toppery. This is a great video, right up my street 😁. Thanks for all the effort you put in to make it. You look staggeringly sexy stuffed into tight clothes! 😍
    A simple vid containing lots of talking, heavy breathing and a well-lit Laura crammed into jeans and cramming herself into shorts for a minute at the end. Absolutely mesmerising. I'm used to having my mind blown by this gorgeous woman and the pink top and shorts outfit didn't disappoint! Thank you for a great video! 😍
  2. Great to see you back and I look forward to more chronicles down the line! I do so enjoy seeing clothes struggling to contain your curves. Can I ask maybe that you raise the camera a bit so it's around waist-height rather than being so low down? Thanks!
    Couple of nitpicks: the file size is way too big. Also feel free to look at the camera more often - you don't have to keep trying to avert your gaze. Apart from that, I only have two words: HOLY. GRAIL. OK, a few more words... This is a stupendous video and you are stupendously attractive and sexy. If I'd been cycling through that park I would have gone in to a tree if I'd spotted you walking like you do in the first few seconds. I would have felt no pain, however, my mind having been blown by the sight of those tight denim shorts and skimpy t-shirt showing off your perfect, wobbly curves. Absolutely outstanding choice of outfit!! Please consider more jiggly walking in the future! 😍 I also liked the fact that although this was primarily an eating video, you were quite active with your standing up and sitting down and general belly play. (I find most eating vids intensely boring). I particularly liked your belly as you leaned over to get the water out of your bag and the belly play around 5:41 - what a sight - proper thin girl gone fat! I also enjoyed the sighs and moans and the bonus button popping at the end. You've got it girl, and you definitely know how to flaunt it. Fantastic video, very well filmed, 10 out of 5.
    Oh I don't know, I'm feeling a bit discombobulated after watching that. In a good way, obviously. 😁 Not much happens for the first 6 minutes other than a glorious view of TayTay standing in t-shirt, drinking soda but the rest is probably the best 12 minutes of jeans-stuffing action I'll ever see. Relaxed, methodical, really well done. I guess you don't move as quick as you used to, huh, Tay? 😘 . Lots of muffin-top, belly , tight jeans and t-shirts, fiddling and straining. Plus a fair bit of chat. I can't think of much else to say other than buy it - you won't be disappointed. It's going to be while before I can think of anything else... Thanks so much for doing it! 😍
    Nostalgia is great when it comes to watching pretty girls trying to stuff themselves into outgrown clothes. You should make a series of this - a long series! Was great to see the old favourite dark pink shirt again - it's not as baggy as it used to be! I would love to see a struggle with old jeans while you're wearing your grey t-shirt (just in case you wondered what to do for the second installment ;-)). You wouldn't need to get them buttoned - just use an elastic band in the button loop! Those love handles of yours continue to amaze and the shape of your belly is so damn sexy as it pushes the fabric to the limits. Thanks for a great video!
    Wow, thanks very much Tay. Yep, those 12s look pretty maxxed out but I sure enjoyed watching the struggle, especially with the slight panting! Those jeans might still be worth a rematch after Xmas as you could always use a bit of elastic around the button and through the hole! I love how the denim creases up on your legs, implying there's still room in there but really there isn't, and the sight of your belly all creased up at the front and your love handles hanging out the back over the stretched fabric is almost too much. If I could make a suggestion for the next video it would be to stand just a bit further back so both sides of you are always in the frame at the same time. You have the world's greatest muffin top and it's a shame not to be able to admire it in all its glory by having both sides visible at the same time! Highly enjoyable video and thanks again!
    God you're so hot. Watching that belly testing the fabric of your shirt is as mesmerising as ever but I guess my favourite part was your jiggling and leaning forward. You mentioned that you've maxxed out your scale. Am I right in thinking that means you've broken through a large round number in weight?
    In which Taytay shows that even though her legs and backside fit into those jeans pretty well, getting that big gorgeous wobbly pillow-belly in too is a bit of a challenge!
  3. Well, I like mainly standing videos featuring tight jeans and t-shirts, so actually I feel quite well catered for, thank you very much! They don't have to be excruciatingly tight by any means, just enough to highlight that epic wide-bodied muffin-top of yours and give us a flavor of the heft of chub being (barely) constrained. The more barely (as in, hardly) constrained you can make it, the better . Uh-oh, now I'm getting distracted by naughty thoughts... . Oh and that rippling you did a while back; not just jiggling, but rippling... h'mm, that was nice. Also, stretchy dresses. It's a while since you've tried them? Anyway, so now I'm rambling. Whatever... keep it up - you're awesome and thanks for everything you've done so far!
    This video is SPECTACULAR. Thank you so much for making it. I absolutely love watching your muffin top wobbling precariously over the top of those jeans and causing shirts to bulge to breaking point. It's completely mesmerizing. You have such the most erotic shape!
    Great video! We spend a few minutes hanging out with Taytay as she stands there with belly on display while relating anecdotes about becoming fat before she struggles into the tightest jeans imaginable. She's looking large and sexy as hell!!
    That pale purple t-shirt was made for you. The way your belly bulges through it while it retains its comparative looseness under your boobs is utterly mind blowing. Your sexiness is getting beyond words!
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