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  1. Fatguy21

    Tina Fey

    Ok maybe not 30 but at least 15 20 lbs bigger. here is the link. the older footage is where you definately see the difference. Near then end is where she talks about how she looked before going to New York.
  2. Fatguy21

    Tina Fey

    Actually many are not too far off with her and being curvy. I once saw a documentary about the Second City Alummni's from the Chicago theater, which is where Fey got her start at. They showed old footage of her at SC and she was much bigger then she is now. At least a good 20 30 lbs thicker. So she definitely has been and could be much bigger.
  3. I live up in NW Indiana near Gary. Im up in Portage. I would love to meet up with more ladies from IN
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