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  1. That's not too bad of a loss. And she still has that same beautiful shape. If she has a few of her "fat days", I'm sure that weight will pile right back on... Maybe even more.
  2. Agreed. If they're doing it with someone else (even if it's not in the video), then the whole thing loses it's turn-on value to me. The point is imagining that you're their partner, right? And I wouldn't go for it (either in the sexual or relationship sense) with a girl who I know is currently banging someone else, so imagining that really doesn't do much for me either...
  3. That's an interesting standard though. For some guys, seeing a girl in layered clothing in January on the subway is enough to make them hard, so basically everything is porn at that point...
  4. Yes! Couldn't have said it better myself! But it's all okay, because she's drinking diet Mountain Dew, right? : P
  5. I looked a little bit but didn't find anything. If you have a link to something like that, I'd be kinda curious...
  6. John, I never said in one day. As you can see from the last section, it's a contest meant to be played out over the course of months.
  7. To all of the awesome feedees on Curvage, I propose a game. The Million Calorie Challenge: 1. Write down the number of calories that you had today. (Optional: describe what kind of food you had today and/or post pictures of meals or your belly after eating them). It's on the honor system, but if you just had a great stuffing day and your calorie count is ridiculous (or you just passed someone in the ranks), some proof would be good. 2. Add it to your total from your last post. 3. Every now and then, I'll go through the posts and do a ranking/standings. 4. The first feedee to get to 1,000,000 calories is the winner and gets Curvage bragging rights for eternity. BONUS RULE #1 (because I wrote this : P): Because it enhances appetite and lowers metabolism, diet soda is worth the same number of calories as the equivalent regular soda. BONUS RULE #2: If you're a feeder who is fairly involved in feeding someone (buys their food, etc.), you can play this game for your feedee. However, no guessing on food items is allowed! Example Post (with totally made up numbers): I had a breakfast sandwich (400), eggs (200), and a Starbucks coffee (400) for breakfast; 3 McDoubles (300 x 3), a large fries (500), and a Sprite Zero (0/350) for lunch; a chicken parmesan (600) with pasta (500) and three glasses of Diet Coke (0 x 3/300 x 3) for dinner; two brownies (250 x 2) for dessert; and a bag of chips (250) and a bag of popcorn (300) for a snack. That's a total of 5,800 calories today. Adding that to my previous total of 121,400, I'm now up to 127,200 calories! Doing the Math (Assumes a daily calorie expenditure of 2,500/day and 3,500 calories/pound): Finish this in just over a year (386 days), and you should gain 10 pounds. Finish this in one year (365 days) and you should gain 25 pounds. Finish this in eleven months (330 days) and you should gain 50 pounds. Finish this in nine months (274 days) and you should gain 90 pounds (and possibly a baby, too : P). Finish this in just under nine months (260 days) and you should gain 100 pounds. If this takes off, maybe we can find some people who would be willing to donate to a prize pool and provide even more motivation for the feedees in our community. : D
  8. Apparently, at my new workplace, they have Arby's and ice cream every Tuesday. A woman came into my office and said, "Come join us! We're having an ice cream social!" I said, "What's the occasion?," and she said, "It's Tuesday." So as she's passing out the ice cream and we're all joking about how fat we're going to get, she says: "You know--I actually just bought these pants last week. I had to get two sizes bigger. And they're still tight here [points to her hip]." No one seemed shocked, as I would have expected, only one guy who said, "I guess you must be on the [name of my company] diet, then?" He turned to me and said: "Watch out! It'll get 'ya!" I passed on the ice cream, so she took what was left and (in addition to a large serving of ice cream on her plate) used it to make a float out of her large soda. He went on to suggest that she should get stretchy pants, and she wholeheartedly agreed. As we turned to leave, someone said: "So Arby's again next week?" The woman who passed out the ice cream said, "I'd love to, but I'm not sure if I can afford it after buying all these new pants." I have no doubt that she'll be joining in anyway. Just amazing! She is by no means fat (maybe about 5'4", 150ish), but she has a nice round belly and an ass that sticks out nicely. And at the rate it's going now, I only expect her to get bigger.
  9. If you're going to bring them up, this might be a good place to start. If there's any piece of clothes women usually don't mind outgrowing, the bra is it...
  10. Letting one's appearance go (within reason) can be very attractive, as far as I'm concerned. For instance: no makeup, wearing sweatpants, no skin creams, not worrying about acne, having long hair but not taking care of it, being a bit lazy--and of course, getting really fat. I'm thinking of the BigBellyLover919/Sabrina-type here. Personally, I'd rather see the "real woman" than the "mask" (in fact, I'd go as far as to say that I find most "masked" women pretty unattractive). It's also a signal that they don't waste time on unimportant/vain things (and probably won't take three hours to get ready to go to the store).
  11. Letting one's appearance go (within reason) can be very attractive, as far as I'm concerned. For instance: no makeup, wearing sweatpants, no skin creams, not worrying about acne, having long hair but not taking care of it, being a bit lazy--and of course, getting really fat. I'm thinking of the BigBellyLover919/Sabrina-type here. However, I can't say that I share the same affinity for aging.
  12. That's an easy one. Just make a stop there (for something you want) on the way to somewhere else and if she sees something good (which she probably will), then add it to the basket/cart.
  13. Wow you really are a little piggy! Your chest, chin, and even your lips have gotten so much bigger already. Amazing!
  14. Well congratulations and welcome to Curvage! That sounds great! Wishing you the best of luck with that! Also, sounds like an interesting story. Any chance you could elaborate on how she brought it up, her size/height, how much she wants to gain, what (if anything) she gets out of gaining, etc.? And my suggestion would be lots of Diet Coke (or diet soda with aspartame in general). It delays the feeling of fullness (making her want to eat longer), makes her crave sugar (since the body thinks it had sugar but actually didn't), and probably most important in your case, reduces the metabolism, making more of the weight stick.
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