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  1. aspartamedoublesgains

    Little Debbie Snack Stuffing

    Wow you really are a little piggy! Your chest, chin, and even your lips have gotten so much bigger already. Amazing!
  2. aspartamedoublesgains

    Girlfriend willing to gain weight but struggling

    Well congratulations and welcome to Curvage! That sounds great! Wishing you the best of luck with that! Also, sounds like an interesting story. Any chance you could elaborate on how she brought it up, her size/height, how much she wants to gain, what (if anything) she gets out of gaining, etc.? And my suggestion would be lots of Diet Coke (or diet soda with aspartame in general). It delays the feeling of fullness (making her want to eat longer), makes her crave sugar (since the body thinks it had sugar but actually didn't), and probably most important in your case, reduces the metabolism, making more of the weight stick.
  3. aspartamedoublesgains

    Alt-right FAs

    Sadly, many on the right do appear to support that view. However, the (more libertarian-leaning) modern right is based off of the idea that one can (and should) make up one's own mind on individual issues, regardless of what is popular--so what one conservative says should not be presumed to be the viewpoint of everyone else (even when they are "on the same team", so to speak). Generally, though they want to be supported and admired personally and advance whatever views they personally hold, most right-wing commentators do not assume that their audience should automatically accept their viewpoints (or even want them to do so)--and often at least make an attempt to provide evidence and convince others of a perspective. (In the same way that, say, John Oliver does on the left) However, I won't deny that there is some emotional influence at play as well. I believe that most of the vitriol toward fat women from right-wing commentators comes from the fact that most people on the left (and most feminists) are generally supportive of the body positivity movement. If those on the left took a different viewpoint (say, that bigger people, because they consume so many resources, are destroying the environment), then right-wing commentators would be supporting fat women in droves.
  4. aspartamedoublesgains

    Describe the ideal woman for you.

    Well since we're talking ideal, I guess I won't hold anything back. I'd say about 5'4"ish, 300 lbs. (though I'm open to more if she wants to keep going or can't stop). Really big (single) belly, big arms, big chin, round face, a sprinkling of some cellulite and stretchmarks. Chest smaller than her belly and smaller (almost skinny) legs. (To give examples of people who are not currently on the site: think Sabrina/Hambananas, Squishgoessara, Cupcakeninja, or Chubby Girl Videos. Or the opposite of Randalin). Starts out at an average weight and has always secretly wanted to let herself go, but hasn't had the will to actually do that until now. As she grows, teases me constantly about how "I'm think I'm getting really addicted to food" or "Are you sure you want me to keep going?" or "Once I get fat, you know I'm not ever going to get skinny again. You'll be stuck with me, however I turn out." but never actually stops or diets. And if I ever show any uncertainty (which I might do just for fun), she'll say "Well it's too late now. I can't stop." and then proceed to eat a whole pizza or something like that. Says other things to suggest her growth is inevitable and unstoppable, like "I'm never going in that awful place again" if the gym comes up in conversation. Constant grazer who always has a bag of some snack open no matter where she is. Intelligent. Independent (not in the feminist "I don't need a man" sense of independent, but in the sense of "kind of introverted, thinks for herself, and doesn't do everything that her friends/family do/say"). Traditional. Natural (doesn't wear makeup often, doesn't take eight thousand prescriptions that she doesn't really need, doesn't use lots of perfumes, doesn't constantly use lotions/overgroom/take eight showers a day, smells like herself and not like chemicals, etc.). Creative. Caring. Priority, of course, goes to the third paragraph. Then probably the first, followed by the second.
  5. aspartamedoublesgains

    wife getting chunky

    True. And when they do, there's more risk (like, as I understand it, bursting open the stomach, for instance...)
  6. aspartamedoublesgains

    Habituating my wife to weight gain [updates]

    You must have rolled at least a 19 for charisma. That's a pretty damn good way to put it...
  7. aspartamedoublesgains

    Married to a non-FA

    Well what did he say about it?
  8. aspartamedoublesgains

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    Are you any good at drawing? A sexy drawing of her (with the parts of her body that you most like emphasized just a little bit) seems like the perfect surprise present to me...
  9. aspartamedoublesgains

    Fiancé losing weight :(

    Well if it's important to you, then now (before you're married) is a great time to let her know how you feel about that, if you haven't already...
  10. aspartamedoublesgains

    Hi everyone :)

    You have very beautiful stretchies! And a great body too. Looks like you're well on your way. So what is your history with gaining? When did you start? And what do you like about being bigger?
  11. aspartamedoublesgains

    Weight gain Humiliation/Teasing ....how do you feel about it?

    Not at all! Great story!
  12. aspartamedoublesgains

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    Did you make sure to get lots of stretchy clothes, like leggings?
  13. aspartamedoublesgains

    Girls who freely show you their fat

    YES! Couldn't have said it better myself! Unfortunately, as for me, I'm still in that camp--yet just old enough to remember what it was like before the s#!t hit the fan... Haha! 😛
  14. aspartamedoublesgains

    Habituating my wife to weight gain [updates]

    If they were bigger than the one's she had, then probably the first. That sounds amazing!
  15. aspartamedoublesgains

    Habituating my wife to weight gain [updates]

    I'm not sure I know what you mean by a "square" shape either? What parts of her are bigger than usual for her weight--and what parts are smaller?
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