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  1. Current Situation

    I'm currently doing a short stent of stuffing / self gaining. I decided to do it since I've been really wanting to talk with my girlfriend about my interests in this community. About how it has been a part of my life in one way or another for over a couple decades now. She has brought it up to me that she is of normal weight BMI (in the course of talking about health insurance companies and hers tracking that kind of thing). Now while she is in the "normal range", she does have a tiny little belly and slightly thick thighs. And I do really enjoy what she's got, but of course I wouldn't mind her putting on a little bit more weight. But I know like most people she is a bit self conscious about it. So eventually one day I want to be able to assure her that I'd be attracted to her at any weight. That I would support her with whatever she is most comfortable with, but that she wouldn't have to worry about it at all if she gained weight. Though I struggle with whether I would initially be willing to say that my attraction runs the whole gambit. From beginner bellies, to BBWs, to SSBBWs as big as BC Boberry, and even BC Echo in her own way. Ideally I'd love to tell her that so that she would be willing to gain, or at least relax and whatever happens happens.

    ANYWAYS, while I've been struggling on figuring out how and when to say all that. And really resisting the urge to just make all these fattening meals / keep lots of fattening snacks / desserts around. And or encouraging her to eat more. And also seeing the amazing ChubbyChiquita gaining like an absolute champion... makes me kinda jealous, and even more want to see my GF gain some weight.


    Since I am not willing to secretly feed my girlfriend, I thought I could at least "feed myself" as a way to get it out of my system. I decided to do a big week of stuffing, followed by an lighter but still gainful week. My goal was an ambitious 10 pounds through an excess of 35000 calories beyond my basic caloric needs. As the week goes along, the goal is adjusting and currently sitting at just over 8 pounds (30k calories). But this is/has been the most extreme short term gaining goals that I have ever attempted.

    Started Monday, and so far as of tonight have averaged just shy of 6000 cals a day. A total excess of 14313 calories; tracked through My Fitness Pal. I've also been weighing / measuring myself every morning. I'm enjoying the scientific experiment of this gaining attempt. As of Thursday morning I had gained 1.5 pounds. Started at 220 Monday; Tuesday/Wednesday I was at 219; and then 221.5 Thursday. Kinda weirded out at first about the weight loss. Also of note that I don't have to deal with water weight gaining necessarily, which I'll explain in the next paragraph. So any weight I put on should theoretically be mostly actual weight gain. But I have been fairly bloated, but I'm not sure if that is just all the food, etc in my digestive tract.

    A year ago I was diagnosed with kidney failure, which I have pretty much under control at the moment. (Part of which to keep under control means I'm taking a course of "water pills", which helps flush out salts and with it any excess water retention) With it came a rather extreme blood pressure diagnosis. So unlike any previous gaining attempts I've done in the past, I can't just go load up on a whole bunch of fast food. So I went into this process doing a whole lot of prep, as well as the need to be EXTREMELY attentive to how my body responds to what I'm doing. Which includes taking my blood pressure readings a couple times a day. So with that research, I needed to find a way to pack on the calories when I decided I should go with...

    Heavy Whipping Cream

    Yeah, I thought heavy whipping cream was the best way to add a whole lot of extra calories without the high sodium that many high cal foods have. I also started to get excited to see the results of it since many people have been saying that gaining weight through it is unlike anything else. That it can have a delayed affect; where suddenly the weight rapidly piles on several days later. And that it can also change where the weight gets added to the body. Which would be excellent since almost 100% of the weight I gain typically goes onto my belly and other parts of my torso. Even at my highest weight of 260/265, my legs and arms have stayed fairly lean. So experiencing some weight gain on my legs would be a cool experience in my opinion. But mostly I'm super excited for the potential delayed intense gain. 

    My main way of including heavy whipping cream has been to add it to coffee. My coffee thermos thing holds 20oz (2.5 cups), so I started by doing a cup of heavy cream with coffee and sugar. It was awful, but I managed to somehow do it. So I went and got cocoa powder stuff, and then experimented with the amount. I found the right amount for me is 8-9 tablespoons (half a cup). In the wee hours of Tuesday morning I couldn't sleep; so I thought I'd try chugging some. I mixed a cup of it with a cup of 2% milk I had. The first gulp was god awfully horrendous. Tasted like I was drinking chalk. Which in retrospect makes sense, since chalk is calcium based. But I ended up just tossing it all in the drain. Not sure if I'll ever attempt that again. However I do plan on making a cajun pasta tomorrow with a quart of heavy cream and a pint of half and half. (That experience with the straight cream is scaring me from going all heavy cream and then wasting all that food in the event I find it inedible). According to MFP, the recipe says it'll be about 8000 cals total spread out over 6 servings. Most of it I'll eat myself, but I will have some left overs for when my GF gets back into town... So I guess I'll actually be doing a bit of "feeding" after all.


    Stay tuned for my next post, lol.

  2. Hey fellow Curvage-ians!

    Long post ahead, so you can skim around no problem. But major props to those that do read it all. And I might break it out into a couple different replies to this same thread by topic.

    I've been mostly just a lurker since at least several years before Curvage.org transitioned to a new server or something and we all had to make new profiles.  But lately I've been wanting to open up more about this part of my life: my interest in this community. 

    My origin story

    Not sure when everyone else started knowing that they were into gaining weight and others gaining weight. But I know I was fairly young when I did maybe 10yo? I think this was around the time I started to gain a tiny bit of weight.  I think I would have enjoyed it if it wasn't for kids at school poking fun at it.  Nothing too serious by any means, but enough to be self conscious about it. I remember around this time I really enjoyed stuffing pillows in my shirt. And also trying to put on as many shirts and pairs of pants as possible at once. It would make me feel both heavy and large, and it was great. 

    I also remember using a colored pencil and drawing this magic machine that had different buttons on it. The buttons had different amounts of either weight gain or weight loss. And it could affect anyone I thought about when pushing the button. There were times I would want to lose the weight instantly, and there were times I would gain a lot of weight. Even impossible amounts of weight gain a la Echo. I would also imagine directing it at other specific people in my life. As well as turning it loose on the entire world. In the years after that I would see articles about the obesity epidemic, and would mildly amuse myself thinking that I was the cause of it, haha.

  3. Oh wow, I don't think I paid her much attention in the past. Not even the first half of this season of 9-1-1 that she has been on. But there were some angles on her with what she was wearing in this last episode that made me have to find her thread here. 

  4. On 12/27/2018 at 1:17 PM, rotwang said:

    I'm gonna pass along a favor that another Curvage.org user passed to me about 3 weeks ago.  For months I too have been frustrated by the mysterious Tumblr Safe Mode crap and their silence to any questions.  I figured they really hated Fat Admirers.  Nevertheless, when I finally had the lucky good sense to ASK on Curvage.org - this was shared to GET AROUND Tumblr's villiany -  use this URL http://www.tumbex.com/YOURTARGETWEBSITE.tumblr/photo where "YOURTARGETWEBSITE" is the one Tumblr locked you out of.  PASS THIS METHOD ON, OK?

    With that note, here is her tumblr:


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