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  1. Wow, I have to say that that was an amazing video from beginning to end. Really great to see more stuff from two years before any of this. Seeing a glimpse into the year before the One Year of Gluttony™. Then a perfect recap of such an explosive year. I had honestly forgotten how much you had changed before our eyes over such a short time. Probably helped out by this last year losing all meaning of time in general, lol. Looking forward to what is in store for the future!

    Also wanted to give huge props for the quality of editing and production value of this video. Plenty of people will rightfully gush on you in the comments/reviews since it is well earned. But I wanted to make sure to acknowledge that aspect too. You've said in your posts about how much time and effort he puts into these videos, and it definitely shows.

    If anyone is reading through these reviews to decide on whether or not to purchase this, I'd 100% recommend it!

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