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  1. This is the main reason why I want to block / mute particular users.
  2. Beat me to punch! But here is the one I found.
  3. Some users post way too often with content I don't care to see. Or comments that just bump threads and throws everything out of whack. Like our German friend, Chris (I believe is his name) used to do fairly regularly over in the paysites area. Would love to get a way to mute / block users so that those that don't want to see their posts don't have to.
  4. Just wanted to thank all the mods/admins of this site for all their hard work and dedication to keeping this site awesome. Especially with whatever problems might have happened with the site going offline for a bit this week. Wanted to thank those that put in all the time having to get things all figured out. So thank you!!
  5. On the celebrity scale system, I can agree that she is on the lower end of the spectrum for sure. (IMO) But opening it up to the population at large and she is at least average. And I've seen plenty of people on this site get more attention working with a lot less.
  6. I know opinions of Lena can be pretty strong... but I thought I would share this nevertheless. Lena in a bikini during the HBO pre-roll ad.
  7. A funny dub of one of her commercials. Also nice figure of hers that you only get to see for like a split second before they hide her behind a table...
  8. I had forgotten that I had found this picture of her last year. She is normally smaller than what I think most prefer on here. But this picture makes her look particularly curvy. Anyone have any other good pictures of her?
  9. Took these screenshots of her as a guest on Colbert's show Monday night.
  10. A good video of her from one of the suggested videos.
  11. If someone had pointed her out to me on the street, I would have called them a liar because I would never have believed them. Major props to Pacific Coast News for snagging that picture before someone told her how much she was hanging out the bottom.
  12. And finally, some screenshots I pulled from Other Space.
  13. I think Milana is absolutely stunning. Great hips, nice chest; and seems like a really cool person on top of it! Besides being the AT&T girl, she has also been a part of a duo on YouTube called Live Prude Girls. And she was on the fairly funny Yahoo series called Other Space.
  14. I wonder if there would be enough people here to organize some sort of event?
  15. Thank you for the correctly oriented pictures!
  16. Long time lurker, but I've been lately thinking about giving back to the community. I have saved up a collection of Facebook friends who are either just delightfully curvy, or even have packed on the pounds. The question I have is how often have people discovered that their pictures have been posted? My biggest fears are that either it somehow gets back to them, or even worse, that they find out who I am. Thoughts? Opinions?
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