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  1. No, you're right. She definitely seems a lot more top heavy than I remember. Though I'm certainly not complaining!
  2. !!!!!SEASON 5 SPOILERS!!!!! Ok, now that hopefully those that care about spoilers and haven't started watching the new season have backed out... I wanted to share a screenshot of Emily Tarver's character from the latest season of OINTB. This is an awkward photo, but it shows off her nice thick thighs rather nicely. I'll try to add more when I get them.
  3. Finally stopped hiding her in bulky clothing on B99. Well, sorta.
  4. A few more screenshots from the show. I'm definitely in love with her. Edit: Just finished the season finale. And it turned out to be her last season with SNL. That makes me really sad
  5. Showing off that she still has the curves!
  6. She has been excellent on This Is Us. Think it'll make her more likely to get a show where she part of the main cast. And hopefully once she lands that, she'll get more comfortable and start to fill out again.
  7. One of my favorite places to eat in LA. "Lemonade" Anyways, here is a contribution to the thread:
  8. It was actually one of the first episodes of the season. Maybe even the very first episode of the season. And I've only gotten through the first four. Spoilers(?): it was the song where they were saying they'd only do it one more time and then wait until they could tell Greg.
  9. Catching up in this show and got a couple good screenshots that looks like weren't posted yet.
  10. A few screenshots from the latest episode of Modern Family.
  11. Well, I've been trying to deny it. But now it is undeniable that she has been losing a bit of her curves. Still very cute... just missing the curves that were.
  12. Also have a gif that might interest people. https://gfycat.com/DisgustingImmaterialGreendarnerdragonfly
  13. Oh damn, I was just there the other night. Definitely recognize the stage now. It's a cool little theater.
  14. Try using MyFitnessPal to track your calories. You can set up your profile in the app so that it sets a goal each day so that you are gaining a half/pound a week. It is super simple to use and doesn't take up a lot of time to use. Every 500 calories extra a day consistently equals a pound a week. And as you close your profile each day, it can give you an estimate of what your weight would be in 5 weeks if you ate that way everyday.
  15. Isn't @BBWbonnie vegan? I know she is at least a vegetarian.
  16. Plus she was already a little bigger when she was younger. Doubling the odds that she regains what she lost / grew out of.
  17. Doesn't seem to be working with the first person I tried it with. I'm still seeing their posts come across the page even though I've clicked ignore posts (and everything else).
  18. @Kopite93 That changes everything! I was expecting to be able to do it from the profile page itself. But it looks like you can also do it if if you hover over the user's name as well. Thanks!
  19. Some more screenshots from the show. (That is Abbi and Seth Rogen in the last picture) I'd like to think the next picture is her still, but I'm starting to think it might be a body double with that fake Oprah tattoo.
  20. Just started to watch this show, and already they've taken off their clothes a few times. Have to say I'm rather enjoying it.
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