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  1. DDSantos

    Collette and Eric

    So far so great. Can't wait for more
  2. DDSantos


    Excellent, as usual. Keep em coming
  3. DDSantos


    absolutely my favorite WG story out there. here's to hoping you keep it going!
  4. what I wouldn't do for a few more parts of this
  5. I would honestly try to start by not looking at places like this that would remind you of it constantly :-\
  6. DDSantos

    Godzilla 2014?

    Honestly? I like the originals and it looks like it could be fun! that said I'll suspend judgement till I see it
  7. DDSantos

    Hello from Wisconsin

    Hi back!
  8. DDSantos

    Girl in Black on Vespa

    christ that owns, thanks
  9. DDSantos

    Girl in Black on Vespa

    Yeah if anyone has those dig them out she's fucking gorgeous