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  1. You're completely glossing over the fact that no matter what you think of these policies the Democrats are using an urgent crisis to try and force them into law using the lives of Americans as the stakes. I'm sure American citizens would be happy to know they didn't receive their cash payouts when they could've because Dems were playing games with their lives. Insider trading definitely occured I agree, and everyone involved both Democrats and Republicans alike should be held accountable. However, a few rallies may have been cancelled but Joe Biden and The Democratic Party actively ENCOURAGED people to show up and vote for him in the primaries. In one of the states a state of emergency was declared literally the day after these votes Speaking of Joe Biden, if you want to talk malevolence in parties how about the fact The Democratic Party and their media friends are trying to push a mentally unwell man as their main candidate for president. Unrelated but I think it says a lot
  2. That wet market is a 30 minute drive away from a bio lab known to work on diseases such as corona virus which is iffy in itself. When they learnt about the first case they didn't immediately speak out or warn anyone, instead they quietly tried to downplay it. Oh, but they did put their military in lockdown. Once the numbers started really picking up they continued downplaying it and lying about the numbers. The hospitals they built in days acted more like prison camps. Locked from the outside with bars on the windows, if you got put in there you weren't allowed to leave. And if you needed medical treatment well... you probably wouldn't get it. Doctors, nurses, and whoever else tried to get the word out to the rest of the world quickly disappeared. Because the Chinese government can't look bad now can they? So when people call it the Wuhan Virus or Chinese virus it isn't "Muh racist Republicans", it's rightfully recognising where this is all began and how the awfully the Chinese dealt with it. If you want to talk about malevolent acts how about we talk about how the Democrats repeatedly blocked the 2 trillion dollars coronavirus relief bill, pretty much holding the country hostage, and countered with their own bill that shoved in shitty policies they've wanted put into law including: . $15 minimum wage . No ID or registration to vote in elections . Student loan payment deferment . Racial and Gender pay equities And many more. They capitalised on a crisis the likes of which we haven't see in decades to try and take some power back. Sure, some Republicans are dumbasses who either aren't taking it seriously or are too overly concerned about the markets. But it was only a month ago EVERYONE, including Democrats, Republicans and Media alike, were downplaying the situation
  3. Forum Lurker

    Rashida Jones

    If you're rewatching the show, and don't mind grabbing screenshots, there's quite a few good moments in the later seasons where you can tell she's got a bit of a belly on her. Would really appreciate it
    As soon as I started watching this video it was obvious that you had put on weight. That snug gym outfit really accentuates your gain and shows you've grown, especially around the belly. Seeing the number and your genuine enthusiasm talking about gaining whilst you tuck in to your food with glee was exactly what I would look for in a video like this. Easily 5 stars and my personal favourite you've done yet! I'm looking forward to seeing more of you, and with every update you post I'm more glad you decided to join the site and start this journey
  4. Ah okay shit, here's the full VOD then. It's between 4 to 5 minutes in http://www.twitch.tv/pokimane/v/561492980?sr=a&t=251s
  5. Slapping her belly https://clips.twitch.tv/VainKawaiiOilPartyTime
  6. If anyone finds better versions please post them
  7. Just because she's been in the spotlight for a while doesn't change anything. Like John said, there's been plenty of threads on people that started when they were 18. She's a legal adult who's attractive and deserves a thread on here
  8. Obviously it's pretty hard to tell and I could be wrong but, to my eyes at least, it definitely looks like she could have a bit of a belly pushing up against her shirt. In the first pic especially it seems like something is pressing up against it and her hand is resting on it as well
  9. It almost definitely will get bad. Even just based on the numbers we have from China so far it seems quite worrying, and I'm certain they'll be downplaying the figures. Back when this first started blowing up a couple of weeks ago Doctors were coming out saying they reckon there were between 50,000 and 100,000 infected. Recently, figures leaked from a Chinese company called Tencent said there was over 100,000 infected, 150,000 suspected cases, and scariest of all 22,000 dead. If true that's a fucking terrifying mortality rate. It's hard to trust anything coming out of China right now whether it's from the government or leaked information/rumours. But, seeing stories like this makes you wonder just how bad it really is https://m.theepochtimes.com/funeral-home-worker-in-wuhan-epicenter-of-coronavirus-we-are-working-24-7-to-cremate-bodies_3227432.html/amp?__twitter_impression=true
  10. Anyone have any thoughts on all the controversies surrounding the DNC right now? Pelosi tearing up Trump's SOTU speech, the Iowa caucus potentially being rigged against Sanders etc. Gotta confess, as a Conservative I find it quite funny to watch
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