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  1. kbig


    Long time no update
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  3. kbig


    Why thank you ! Lol, and yeah, there's way to many pretty ladies here to get scared away besides, it's hard to get scared awa by other men who share the mutual passion towards larger women
  4. kbig


    Hope everyone had a fun halloween!
  5. kbig


    Oh that was you, thought you seemed like a chill dude also, figured there was no bad intention behind the gesture! It's just that i started posting so I didn't know that i couldent at first and quickly caught on that indeed, if I could, the scenario your describing would inevitably take place on Miss VonCurves thread because of her undeniable excess of gorgeousness : p :thumbsup:
  6. kbig


    I guess ill reply here from now on if i intend to attach a pic lol xD didnt know that i couldent do that since i never really posted before, what a warm welcome from the mod, abit cocky though in his notice tho calling me narcissic and romeo, im positive he didnt mean anything bad, and no your not being greedy : p
  7. Hi everyone! I have been a member of this site for 2 years but never properly introduced myself so I thought it's about time i give it a shot. I'm a 24 year old male living in the province of quebec, i have a social science diploma and also a few anthropology university credits but i stopped, im planning to study nursing now : ). Ive been working in a hospital for the past 6 years and since i like it i decided to career in the medical field. I have my own little appartment for the time being! I'm quite a social guy in general and i mean no harm to no one unless you piss me off lol. I initially subscribed as a member because i fancy larger curvier women, a few of my favorites are sadie summers, boberry, ms chunky, oxtricusempraxo. As you can see, aside from ms chunky, i have a preference for bottom heavy slim face chubby waist but i like myself a big bellied girl if she has cute assets.
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