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  1. You are really cute! It would be nice to see you again making a stuffing session with Reiinapop.
  2. It seems you have gained confidence since you are here, and now you look beautiful on your photos!
  3. M.Ramon

    Kimmy and eat me

    I join the same request. About eatme, does someone know if she has an account on any social network? She seems to be a fabulous gainer!
  4. Hi, you make me thinking to an ex-Curvage girl whose name was JigglyBunny, then BigFatPiggy, then Hailey. Was it you?
  5. About suggestions, I think since you officially are into weight gain, you could make a weekly measurement video and a daily diary about your gainer life.
  6. M.Ramon

    Natty B

    Hello, I think a new future epic gainer girl is arriving in YT! She'll officially begin to gain in May and her goal weight is 400lbs+. And in more she is searching a feeder boyfriend. I hope it is not a repost...
  7. I think Kimberly Marvel and Amelia are the same person.
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