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  1. Hope so, certainly looking very flabby but she keeps wearing black clothing
  2. BenG

    Anca Badiu

    nice to see a celebrity gaining a decent amount of weight, for once
  3. She's very attractive, gravitationally
  4. Seems like a lot of the weight went to her breasts
  5. looking great!? Would also love to see some progress pictures if any are available?
  6. Congratulations on moving in together?
  7. Big double chin and tits in the last video. Pity the rest of her's hidden behind the desk. Looking forward to the next bodyshots
  8. BenG

    Dominika Gwit

    Quite a gain! She always had a fat face and I guess she's just a naturally big girl who will struggle to stay slim. Will be interesting to see what effect a few more years of yo-yo dieting will have....
  9. Had a look for more pics of her but nothing recent. Maybe she could try sumo wrestling next
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