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  1. That sounds great! There is a severe lack of WG related games out there. When can we expect it to be ready?
  2. Hey there! How is the new simulator coming along? Haven't heard anything in a while.
  3. This is awesome, really well done! I love all of the jiggling effects. It would be great if she started out really skinny and we could fatten her up into obesity. Maybe add a cheeseburger button we could push!
  4. Hey guys, I was hoping for some pictures of girls resting their bellies on things like tables or counters. Really anything similar to that. Thanks!
  5. Tried that, no pictures besides that one...
  6. Hi! I'm looking for a link to pics of Felicia Clover in a specific photoset. Its the one where she is nude in front of a gray backdrop. I think in some of the pics she is wearing a Score shirt. I'm not asking for copyright material, I remember seeing them on some free sites. I only have two pictures saved for reference. Thanks!
  7. I think it is a piece of paper. Also, it looks like the guy is about 5 feet tall.
  8. Have some more! http://odysseus66.deviantart.com/
  9. Here are a few more. The before pics are up on the deviantart page, as well as a bunch of other morphs. More will come when I have time!
  10. Hey guys, I just got around to uploading some of my wg morphs to deviantart. Take a look. http://odysseus66.deviantart.com/
  11. odysseus66

    Kate Upton

    Hey guys, here is a video that you might enjoy!
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