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  1. My computer was stolen last week along with all my library of Beautiful BBW that I have collected. I was just about to share it online too. As for now I need to start from scratch, so to start This may be a long shot, I cannot recall where or when I found these pictures in my old library, but they were my two favorite pictures of a BBW. The first one was so beautiful and sexy, my favorite picture ever. Its a BBW laying on the bed vertically with the covers all over the place and just her laying down, belly and legs exposed and her hands covering her face. A large BBW, with dark hair, laying vertically on the bed wearing only a light blue shirt thats brushed up (most likely from laying down and rolling around in the bed) its brushed up almost to her chest and her belly is exposed laying on the side and its huge and perfect. She is wearing only this light blue tank top and black undies and the rest is just her beautiful curves laying on the bed, a huge beautiful belly, sexy love handles and thick thighs curled up as she lays on the bed. While laying down sideways, Her arms and hands are positioned infront of her face, so you can't see her face.. almost seems like she's covering her face in a cute way while the picture was taken. I know I had another picture of the same woman showing her from behind, so maybe theres hope that theres more out there, but this specific picture was the sexiest photo of a BBW I had ever seen and if I could find it again I would feel less bad about my computer being stolen lol. Almost makes you want to get in bud and cuddle with her..If anyone has something that may be what Im describing please feel free to post up! thank you (My guess is she was around 5"7, 5"8 and atleast 270 maybe 300) The second picture may have more hope for showing up again. This is tied with the one on top for my favorite. It's a picture of fat BBW, the body is positioned at a side or 45 degree angle but she is looking at the camera with this adorable half smile like the camera man was complimenting her and she's holding in a giggle. She has a really cute face, brown hair and eyes, **In a tight grey dress with her hands on her belly** She's not grabbing her belly but more resting her hands on them, its sexy and cute. She was sitting on something like a fire hydrant, not sitting down but the way you sit on something random like that outside, and she may of had a brown hairband in her hair, subtle almost matching her hair color...She was probably atleast 230 pounds, a beautiful shape and weight for the tight short grey dress she was wearing. There may have been stripes on the dress too, and she was wearing heels and it was taken outside in the sun. It was a beautiful picture altogether, One of the cutest and sexiest BBW's I had ever seen including her face, lightly smiling at the camera with her long black hair and smoothly touching her fat belly proud. She might have been a model or adult film star, but I have only seen this one pic of her, but it was enough to blow me away. If anyone knows who I may be talking about please respond! Thanks a bunch!
  2. If anyone has the video saved of the legendary Miss Fortune Burger Binge video, please post it up! only saw it once and was able to take some screenshots but haven't seen it sense. Have been looking everywhere for a link because her Her body was perfect in this video. And that BELLY!
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