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  1. "A Change of Seasons" by ChuckMalone here on curvage, "Kate and Jenny" by 333BleBleBle333 on DA, and almost anything by EnumeratedBob or Molly Coddles.
  2. Damn. She gained really fast anyway and didn't seem happy about it so go figure. Maybe she'll regain at some point. Still doesn't take away from her at the peak.
  3. Nah it got wiped pretty quick. I think someone posted her name in the old forum around the same time and the vampires came out.
  4. Philko did a video about her and released her name. Afterwards she went private off and on for awhile before just completely vanishing.
  5. Any idea or collection of pics of her? She has been the best gain on the site (even passing Tiffany Cappotelli imo). Skinny, fit readhead into an absolute guitar shaped heart stopper. The forum disappeared a few months ago and her IG just before that. Any of the old pics or new ones would be an absolute God send.
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