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  1. Chapman

    Make Curvage Clips minutes visible/price sorting

    What possible purpose could there be for a video that lasts longer than 25 seconds???
  2. A lot of highlights in this video, but 07:44 put me into cardiac arrest.
  3. If she doesn't stop teasing me with her bare midriff I'm going to be at risk of injuring myself.
  4. Chapman

    Tara Lynn

    I realise she put this out on Instagram, but am I alone in feeling that posting a photo of her with her kid on this site is a little inappropriate?
  5. I know! Her Instagram feed alone could be a full time job.
  6. Chapman

    Bryce Dallas Howard

    You find it insulting? What?
  7. Chapman

    Bryce Dallas Howard

    If the rumours are to be believed, she is with child.
  8. Chapman

    Diana Sirokai

    Great Scott...
  9. Chapman

    Charlotte Church

    From earlier this year...
  10. Chapman

    Yoshida Miki (吉田実紀)

    Very intriguing and deeply confusing. Can anyone with a grasp of Japanese shed light on what’s going on?
  11. 1987, according to her website. http://www.delightdulce.com/en/sobre-raiza-costa