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    Maybe https://thechangingmirror.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=3161?
  2. I have noticed recently on other websites and platforms that you can no longer just speak with someone. In order to continue communication you have to “cashapp,” “Venmo,” or pay them in some way. It’s actually ridiculous. Sometimes people want to build relationships but others just want your money and if you don’t pay up they won’t show you the time of day! Does anyone else feel this way?
  3. Not sure i have the gut to do that, it’s always been hard for me to break up with someone because of hurting their feelings, and resenting me afterwards especially if I don’t want there to be any hard feelings.
  4. I understand what you are saying about politics but it’s been something I’ve always been passionate about and with being a a constitutional lawyer the way I interpret the constitution may not be what everyone likes, even her, so it’s something that I’m my life is pretty important to how I feel as a person with the person I love. Another thing is if I do decide to break up with her which I just need some motivation to do which is another reason I posted this, is that she is already scared that I may be breaking up with her soon after discussing these things and I’ve always been horrible for keeping relationships going because i don’t want to hurt the other person. This situation is a classic example so I feel stuck.
  5. This story sounds interesting I wish someone who knew would help out lol.
  6. I have been with the girl in with now for 2 and a half years. I’m 21 and she is about to turn 20. We are currently in college and at this point in my life I am ready to fully commit and prepare for proposing in the next 3-4 years and yeah 3-4 years is still a decent ways away but as I’ve gotten older and been in school for a while now it seems like time is flying by. But now for my dilemma. The relationship I have been in hasn’t been bad by any means and I have not been miserable, however, there are some things that make me wonder is she the right choice when it comes to marriage. I always hear that the woman is always right and I’ve spoken to several women who think that is a toxic trait that some women hold over men so i know there is hope out there. My girlfriend is one who has to be right and is never the one to blame for anything and it really irks me. I find myself constantly apologizing for things that aren’t my fault, or her fault entirely. Another problem is my GF and I share different views politically, now I am studying to become a Constitutional lawyer, and my Dream has always been to run for an office of some sort, well any time I speak about my beliefs or even what is going on in the world today she completely blows me off and get pisses at me for some of the things I believe. Now I personally believe that she should support what i stand for, I do not think she has to agree with me but I do think if she loves me and wants me to be successful she needs to support me. Some other things include her lack of communication not only to me but to others and her ability to do everyday “adult” things for herself, now I will admit we both still have some growing up to do because we are only 21 and 20 so that’s still “young and dumb”, however, I do think she needs to be able to communicate and get things done on her own. She has always been pretty well off so she has never had to hold a job or really buy stuff for herself for that matter, ie., a car, any accessory and so forth. I on the other hand have held a job since I was 15 and consider myself to be a fairly mature individual. What I am getting at is she really depends on me and her parents to get things done for her and I find it concerning that at this point in her life she has never had a real job and she expects to hold a career in the medical field and already has a difficult time communicating. So I don’t know if she is ready to 1. Possibly attend different graduate schools and 2. Survive without constant aid from others. I apologize for this being as long as it is, I have just had a lot on my mind recently and I want to make sure I am making the right decision for my future. As I continue, I I’ll say that she is a nice person ultimately, she is smart, pretty and fun to be around. But there is more to life then just those things and that’s why I am here. So another problem I have is her lack of willing to do things for me although I do a lot for her. Although this isn’t a huge problem it still represents the point, she hates dogs, and I am a dog person, I’ve always wanted dog when I have my own place and what not well she’s a cat person and she’s always wanted a cat, I personally don’t have a problem with cats i just prefer dogs, but the problem here is she told me she could not tolerate having a dog and I told her that I am willing to not have a dog just for her, so I proceeded to ask if it would be okay not to have a cat also and just have no pets. (Bad move) she proceeds to tell me that she is going to have a cat and that if we don’t then she will just break up with me. I don’t know about you all but that seems a little harsh to tell your BF if 2 years just because I was making a hypothetical. The current job I have now is pretty cool, over the summer I work camps for about two months but it requires me to be gone for most of that time and she hates it because I’m gone, the thing is though she has asked me to quit and find another job so that we can see each other more, well I told her I could do that but 1. I would be working a lot harder possibly to make near the pay I make for these camps 2. I would be working less and not have enough money 3. I would hate my job and be miserable or I could keep my awesome paying low manual labor job, I personally think she just doesn’t understand because she’s never had a job so she has nothing to compare it to but still I think she should be happy that I have such a great job, and it goes back to another thing if she had a hard time with me being gone 2 months out of the year I don’t know how she will be able to handle us going to different graduate schools in the future. So altogether I would say currently i just don’t feel supported by her and I feel like I’m putting in most of the work for little in return. I have spoken to her about these things and im leaving some things out bc I’ve already made this long enough but i just wanted some advice on what I should do moving forward! Thanks in advance!
  7. For me when I was a Freshmsn in high school my ex girlfriend at the time had moved to the high school across town. Well before she moved she was very thin, played soccer and what not. Well we hadn’t talked in a year and a half and a (girl) friend of mine came up to me and asked “when did your ex get fat?” And I was really confused because everyone knew we hadn’t been together for over a year, so I was like “what do you mean?” ( I forgot to mention we had unfollowed each other on all social media) so my friend says “yeah I was bowling last night and she was there, at first I didn’t think it was her because she used to be so skinny” well she had searched her insta and found that she had blooned, she showed me and I was in shock because I never thought she would get fat because she always told me about how she hated fat people and how much they complained. Once I saw that picture of her something in my head clicked and I instantly followed her on insta, eventually messaging her to meet up and Months of getting back In touch and some sex later we got back together and from there everyone knew I liked fat chicks with me she gained 20 more pounds.
  8. Imswagg00

    Jessica Simpson

    She looks miserable. 😕
  9. Hey I was just wondering if fifi Fox has been on the scene recently?
  10. Imswagg00


    Does anyone else enjoy when girls gain weight their pelvic region also gains? And it’s noticeable?
  11. Imswagg00

    Dua Lipa

    And who was that?
  12. Hey! If any girls 18-30 would like to RP gain talk about gaining just become friends within the community or more HMU Kik me goofygrinch00 message me!
  13. Okay so this has just been on my mind and I know people like myself like to hear about things like this, so here it is! My senior year of high school o was dating this volleyball player and she by far had the nicest ass out of any of the other girls, it was actually surprising because she was super skinny. She actually was super strict about her body and was really mean to bigger girls always telling me about how certain girls looked and blah blah blah, she was kind of a bitch but she was hot and I was a senior in high school so who cares, anyways I was constantly at her house and her mom was a stay at home who constantly worked out as well. Her mom was super skinny but quite attractive as well lol, anyways I’m now a sophomore in college and me and the girl actually ended up splitting up before college and we actually attended the same college, she still plays volleyball but she’s actually gained a decent amount of weight, you can’t particualry tell it’s that much because a lot more went to her ass than anywhere else but she now has much bigger thighs and a couple of rolls when she sits, anyways I was scrolling through social media a couple days ago and she had posted a pic with her mom who has now become very chubby, her boob have gotten HUGE and her arms and thighs are much bigger, it’s actually pretty hot and kinda funny how they’ve completely neglected their old life style and have plumped up. I really hope to see more gaining from them both! There honestly aren’t that many pictures or I would post them. And I can’t find anymore of her mom which sucks because she’s gained the most. I’d honestly say her mom has gained 50-55 pounds of fat but I’m not good at judging that and I’d say my ex has gained about 15-20 pounds fat and muscle from still playing sports. But I just think it’s pretty interesting and Id like to keep you all updated if more changes and o can acquire some photos!
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