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  1. grabamo

    Bree Kish

    Also, you still find different measurement of Bree on her management's pages: 95-80-114 101-84-122 114-86-131 I chose older before pictures, so there might be around 20cm difference in bust and hips.
  2. grabamo

    Bree Kish

    Judging from more recent IG pics I think that she's even chubbier than in these bikini pics at the moment. I also found additional pictures... Original file: And if you like to see her chubby face and belly roll:
  3. grabamo

    Bree Kish

  4. grabamo

    Catherine Li

  5. grabamo

    Livia May - skinny to fat

    2013 2014 2016 2017 unkonwn 2018 2019
  6. grabamo


    For more pics, see EDIT by @Avataг Merged threads.
  7. grabamo

    Ju Romano

  8. grabamo

    Geneve Benatar

  9. grabamo

    Bree Kish

    Two more before pics And now some recent ones / at her fattest. I'm particularly surprised how untoned her legs are... and also her nicely her gut sticks out when sitting (esp. in the group pictures)
  10. grabamo

    Isabella Forget

    Great that you bring back attention to her! Could be merged with this thread though:
  11. grabamo

    Brace yourselves: Curvy Buena

    I thought this is a nice comparison.... Didn't realize how fat she got from the middle-pic to now - not even speaking about the before pic.