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  1. Luvbigass

    Girls talking about their weight v2

    An update. I had a lunch meeting at an Italian restaurant with people from this office. This woman attended. She and a male coworker were discussing what they were going to order. She wanted a cheesesteak sub with fries. He wanted pizza. She asked him to order enough for her to have a slice. This guy ordered an XL pizza. When the food arrived he gave her a slice of pizza. She ate the cheesesteak fries and pizza. He gave her another slice which she promptly ate. He then gave her a third slice. She briefly protested saying she was full. He said" Just eat it". She didn't say another word and ate it. Her ass has grown more.
  2. Luvbigass

    How to fatten my husband up

    Tell him you want him bigger. Surround him with food and encourage him. He will grow for you. A friend of mine who loves to eat and has had a belly most of his adult life recently told me that he was trying to lose weight. His wife asked why considering how he love food. He didn't give a real clear reason. She told him he didn't need to lose weight. She went on to tell him that when they were married she knew he liked to eat and he had a belly then. She expected him to get bigger and eventually have a very big belly, and he should let it grow because she likes it big. He is definitely not trying to lose weight now. His belly has gotten bigger recently. When I asked him about it his reply was "I love to eat and she likes it big. I'm gonna get huge!"
  3. Luvbigass

    Who is this beauty?

  4. Luvbigass

    Sophie Turner

    Sure is
  5. Luvbigass

    Sophie Turner

    I never realized how big of a butt she has
  6. Luvbigass

    Amber Nova

    How tall is she?
  7. Luvbigass

    Girls talking about their weight v2

    Update I stopped by this office today. The woman who was pregnant gave birth at the end of 2017. When I arrived this afternoon she was talking about eating a toaster pastry. She commented she shouldn't, but she wanted it. After going to her office she returned eating the pastry. As she ate she commented that she is going to weigh 300 pounds. When she headed back to her office I saw her ass. It has become huge!
  8. Luvbigass

    Girls talking about their weight v2

    There is an office I go to frequently in my work. There are several women that work at various office jobs. A few days ago I was there and several ladies were talking. One is pregnant, about 5"7" with a big butt. One of the others commented that her butt had shrunk. She replied it does when she is pregnant. The others though that was good. The pregnant woman replied that her husband likes her butt big. The other was surprised and said "Oh really ". She said yes, I'm sure he is ready for the baby to be out so all the food I eat will go to make my butt grow bigger.
  9. Luvbigass


  10. Peach shaped...what does that mean?
  11. Luvbigass

    This girl?

    Any one know who this is? Any more photos or videos?
  12. Luvbigass

    Curious who this is?

  13. Luvbigass

    Bigger. Stronger. Fatter. - A Challenge

    PowerGains I love thick powerful women. Do you have any more photos? How about examples of your work?
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