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  1. My suggestion is that somebody be responsible for properly adjusting the volume levels of each video. Right now I just downloaded a Devi video, and I have the volume in the browser and on my computer both at a maximum. My air conditioner is on, and I CANNOT hear at least half of what she says. This isn't a "me" issue, because if I don't remember to adjust my volume level after I am done, the next thing I watch on my computer (YouTube, Netlfix, etc) will be deafeningly loud.
  2. With all due respect, I see that scales with a capacity up to 550 pounds are available from Amazon for at little as $33. Seems like that might be a good investment as I am sure that a lot of your customers would enjoy weigh-in videos!
  3. Coming back at 330 would certainly be enough to keep me happy!
  4. 400 pounds is unrealistic if you assume that she will come back any time before 2024
  5. He probably meant coming back to OF. She is on self-proclaimed hiatus there.
  6. No, but she did post on IG yesterday that she would be back from vacation "soon." Since she's been gone about five or six months at this point, I'd assume that "soon" means within the next couple of months.
  7. That belly is getting to be a real ball of dough!
  8. I feel like sheโ€™d do something to announce that, but she sure looks like it to me
  9. Sheโ€™s lost a few pounds. Maybe five or six. Iโ€™m struggling with the idea that I should be having a hard time getting aroused without feeding. Like I mentioned before, Iโ€™ve dated lots of women (including this one before August) and had no problems getting going without feeding them. In fact, most of the women Iโ€™ve dated werenโ€™t even fat
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