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  1. Since the lockdown back in 2020 it’s like all my close girl friends have put on a decent amount of weight. I think the body positivity movement is honestly trickling down past just the media and many women are feeling comfortable being their own body size. I have a lot of guy friends and I’d say that 90% of us are smaller than the girls we hang out with, just overall they’re thicker and it’s probably only gonna go further that way. Life is crazy y’all.
  2. https://youtu.be/j5wDu5qIiBc She’s looking huge 😳
  3. Luissuarez

    Lana Del Rey

    Strange year 2020. Lana gained what Adele lost! thickening up like 30 pounds
  4. Luissuarez


    She’s so much thicker now then she was a year ago!! She could get big
  5. Luissuarez

    Lana Del Rey

    Fat and happy! She’s a big girl with a lot of room to grow.
  6. Yo she was chowing down on that pizza, that was so hot. She ate like two whole pizzas without stopping. She pushing past chubby right about now..
  7. Luissuarez


    Are these them? I found them in the clips on her Twitch page and they said they were uploaded yesterday.
  8. She’s gotten big for real and so damn tall already, she must be around 190 pounds..
  9. Naomi looks hotter than ever. She’s thicker than she’s ever been all around and her face is getting chubbier each month. I think she’s around the 175-180 mark tbh. Some of these photos from Now to back in 2017 sheesh
  10. I’m guessing she’s around 170-175 range with potential to grow another 10 pounds this year!!
  11. Luissuarez


    What is that video?
  12. Luissuarez


    I watched through the video and she looks rounder than usual. Hopefully this continues over the next few months lol
  13. Her neck is completely gone 🤭
  14. Luissuarez

    Katy Mixon

    Katy is like a Pokémon: every time she evolves she grows bigger and more bad ass!
  15. Luissuarez

    Katy Mixon

    I started following this thread during the last season of Mike and Molly back in 2015. At the time, Katy was on the upward trend with her weight and Melissa McCarthy was losing weight. Melissa was still sizably larger than Katy but the last 5 years have seen Katy eclipse her in weight and size. While Melissa has lost upwards of 100 pounds in the last few years, Katy has gained about that exact amount. I'll post some comparison photos to show the shift between them, because it's truly fascinating! During Mike and Molly 2015 American Housewife Season 1 American Housewife Season 4 Melissa McCarthy 2020 Final Comparison!!!
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