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  1. Corky

    Lee Newton

    I have always been a fan of hers since her days at Source Fed. I was honestly surprised when I saw an old video of her earlier. I didn't realize how much weight she's put on.
  2. Yeah. I’m in the same boat. I made a similar thread while I was drunk in the past. For the past few weeks, I can’t help but think about getting huge and losing all control. I have a pretty defined six pack right now, but deep down inside, I want to be fat. I want to gain with my girl. She’s already put on 20lbs since we’ve been together, and I think it would be so hot if we both morphed into the fat couple from the fit couple we are right now.
  3. She’s getting so big, you’ll have to roll her. I wonder what her husband thinks of her weight gain. What must it feel like to go from a trim wife, to a morbidly obese one in less than 7 years? How does a man who is not like us, accept such a beautiful sight?
  4. I’ve always been an FA, but since I started being more open with people about my preferences towards women as a man, I’ve realized I want to be just as huge as my lover. I want to go from the near six pack that I have right now, to immobility with my future wife. I want to get so fat. Has anyone ever had similar feelings and what did you do about it?
  5. She's still extremely stunning. Her curves were always secondary to her facial features.
  6. She looked rather plump on the first episode of Black Mirror of Season 3.
  7. There was a thread on the old boards of a Latin American actress putting on about 50lbs for a role in a miniseries called Chocolates or something like that. It was pretty incredible. I'm surprised her gain and the Argentinian Big Brother gain are not in this thread.
  8. She's the same size as Ashley Graham now.
  9. Corky

    Kulap Vilaysack

    The widow Kulap looks pretty chubby here in this video interview posted three weeks ago.
  10. People are allowed to go to the gym. I doubt she's gonna lose weight.
  11. Saw her in person while at my job in Brooklyn today. She's got a waddle that really accentuates her hips and butt. I was amazed at how big she is compared to what we see of her online.
  12. My GF has always been the hot girl. She has extremely large breasts (even after breast reduction surgery at a young age) and a large, but shapely ass. When we met, she was rather thin. She had hips and a slight tummy, but nothing noticeable or abnormal. However, since we've been together, she's gained about 15lbs. It's all gone to her stomach, hips, butt, and thighs. I've loved ever single new pound. She's gone from 145 to 160 in about three months. However, I'm conflicted. The devious side of me loves the fact that she's putting on weight by going out to the bars almost daily and unconsciously eating 3000 calories a day while she works a rather sedentary job; losing her once sought after figure. She does not work out. That said, I miss her hot features and the confidence that came with it. She knows I like curvier girls, but not to the extent to posting on a weight gain messageboards, and fantasizing about her being confident about a fatter figure. I'd hate to have her lose her confidence and energy that she has now. She's already become lazier and I'm not sure if I'm prepared to have a hedonistic girlfriend in the future.
  13. Corky

    Meg Turney

    I'd kill to see Lee Newton in similarly revealing photos.
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