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  1. I think I'm gonna have to disagree with you on that one
  2. chungo3

    Jasmina Dimarco

    I've been looking for her stuff too. She just disappeared outta nowhere or something :/
  3. chungo3

    Emily Deschanel

    Oh wow does she look lovely!
  4. chungo3

    Molly Qerim

    My gosh, she's such a beauty!
  5. chungo3

    Ignoramos22's Art Thread!

    Hey guys! This is where I'll be posting my art from now on! I haven't posted in a while in my last thread so I might as well start a new one. Kinda wanted to have a different title from the last one anyways. Here's some recent things I've done. If you would like me to draw something for you (Weight gain/bloat/inflation/fat related), I am open for commissions. Just send me a message! Here's my DA page too, it's got a lot more on there: http://ignoramos22.deviantart.com/
  6. chungo3

    I'm trying out Fat art

    Some new fats just in, and a bit of expansion stuff too, check em out! Commissions are still open, but my requests are closed for the moment. I've got a bit on my hands to do, but I will leave a post when they're open again. I'm deciding to do a new price for commissions at the moment. Colors/shading - $12 Colors/detail shading - $18 ..still +$5 for each extra person though. Message me if you want some art, yeah?
  7. chungo3

    I'm trying out Fat art

    Send me a message and we'll see
  8. chungo3

    I'm trying out Fat art

    some new requests I've done
  9. chungo3

    Voice Actress Lauren Landa

    My god, she's lovely!
  10. chungo3

    I'm trying out Fat art

    New piece just done. It's 4:30 am, just thought I'd post one since I haven't posted in a while
  11. chungo3

    Weight Gain Story Lines (TV & Movies)

    Totally went through some of the episodes right now and she definitely gets much bigger towards the end. She's almost as big as the fat cleaning lady by the end of everything. I think they cut her screen time because she's in the show a lot less as it goes on. I'm thinkin about postin some links to her parts, but I dunno if it's cool to crash this thread with her for a few posts or not lol
  12. chungo3

    Rebel Wilson

    I can just hear all the "politically correct/fatspo" gals on tumblr screaming in the distance with anger lol