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    Kittys looking bigger than ever! And I’m sure that trend will continue onto her later videos. If you’re into a round jiggly belly and a plump ass, stop right here because this is the full package. I cannot wait to see where kitty goes from here and what she’ll try next!
    Baby looks as gorgeous and plump as ever, squeezing herself into a few outgrown outfits that really show how much she’s gained so far, can’t wait to see what next from her
    Baby keeps getting bigger and it’s hotter than ever! Cant wait to see her get even rounder, she’s obviously loving the gain
    Perfect as always! Babyphat is as stunning as ever with a bulging belly that she loves to show off, you won’t wanna miss this!
    This is the first thing I purchased when my new card and I have no regrets ❤️ This girls got it all, and it looks like she’s just getting started! The way that her jeans hug her growing belly while a roll bulges over the top is heavenly, the moment she loosens that belt and lets it flow out onto her lap took my breath away 😍 I’m looking forward to FattieBaddie’s long and prosperous career on Curvage, and can’t wait to see what she does next!
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