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  1. Ive been loving everything by Logitechk1 on DA. He has a ton of stories and uploads fairly regularly at least compared to other writers. (Warning, his girls get BIG. Only one story where they dont end up 400+ pounds and most go well above that.)
  2. Power of propaganda 1/2 by logitechk1 on DA.
  3. Check out "downward trend" by kowlooner on DA. First half is college wg, she graduates and loses it, and gains it back because of her office job. I know there was at least one scene where she ate during a work drive.
  4. Ive never had issues ordering clips, even bought some on wednesday, but my latest purchase said it needed to be reviewed by staff, and its still pending after 12 hours. I can see the payment on my bank app, so its not as if theres actually payment issues, so ive just payed for clips curvage isnt letting me watch.
  5. Any other deadheads here? I've been listening to the Pacific NW CDs a lot lately. Disc 2 has a great 40 minute version of playing with the band.
  6. Check out Polarisdreamer's stuff. He's got quite a few good stories. Hefty Heist is my favorite, which he just recently finished. The other best ones (in my opinion) are Food for Thought, and the Comfort Zone, but he's got plenty of other stuff on there too.
  7. This dude was a really good weight gain artist, but he randomly took his ** down, didnt uploas anything for over a month, and now his twitter and deviantart are gone.
  8. Well i hope you get that combination again soon. I will continue to revisit slowest champion in the mean time.
  9. I've read this before already, this is one I enjoy. Are you ever gonna write something again? I hate to be that dude, but it's been almost two years since you posted the epilogue.
  10. Looking for some good slower-paced wg stories. Not like a novel or anything. Would be awesome if it could include some light slob (burping, farting, messy eating) but no real preferences. Just tired of reading one page stories with huge time-jumps.
  11. I just purchased one of acdc43343's videos, and it won't play right. When I try to view the video on the website it only plays the audio, and the window that pops up is just white. I tried downloading it and it's just a black screen with audio.
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