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  1. As a touring musician I maintained a solid 185 lbs effortlessly...during the pandemic I absolutely ballooned to 270ish and its been amazing. This belly is SERIOUS


  2. crm1028


    I'm just curious about how many musicians there are on curvage, be it hobbyist, single artists, people in bands, etc! Where are you and what instrument(s)/ genres do you play? I personally play guitar in a fairly well known (in the underground) metal band. Also possible collab?
  3. I recently got my noggin blasted! Definitely my worst one yet as far as pain goes, it made my elbows/ ditches seem like a cake walk 🤣
  4. crm1028


    Hey! Professional guitarist here! My answer whenever I see someone on the fence about picking up guitar is always YES! as far as tips go, a great practice strategy is (at least for me in the beginning and for those I've given lessons to) was to use a metronome and go all the way back to the basics, picking chord shapes and picking patterns and starting slow, increasing the metronome by 10 to 20 bpm every few measures. It's super simple, but it's fantastic for building muscle memory and picking accuracy
  5. crm1028

    Horror Movies

    As an absolute SUCKER for over gratuitous gore and 80s slasher films, I absolutely loved Hatchet (1, 2, and 3). I was also a huge fan of Frozen for the sheer hyper realism in the plot of the movie.
  6. Hey thanks for the follow... Hope i get a chance to make u smile sometime. 😘

  7. Hi thanks for the follow. 💖

    1. crm1028


      No problem!! Welcome!

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