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  1. fatizlovefatizlife

    Can anyone tell me who this is and have more?

  2. fatizlovefatizlife

    Transformed into a BBW/Pregnant Woman

    Yup found it. Thank you! keep em comin!!!
  3. fatizlovefatizlife

    Transformed into a BBW/Pregnant Woman

    My mistake did not intend to spread any viruses. Anyway the video was called Waking up Pregnant by Xev Bellringer
  4. fatizlovefatizlife

    Transformed into a BBW/Pregnant Woman

    Was wondering if anyone had more similar videos to the one linked below or Goddess Shar's Magic Cupcakes where a guy or skinny girl is transformed into a fat(ter) or pregnant woman. Just a heads up the link below is a video of a pregnant woman pretending to be a guy who woke up in a pregnant woman's body in case you're not into that
  5. fatizlovefatizlife

    Mom makes daughter gain weight for money

    https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5ad88aab7dad0 there are a few versions floating around the hub
  6. fatizlovefatizlife

    Two Day Gainer Shake

    You should never get rid of those jeans. Just restring them so that more and more oozes out of them and we can watch the gap grow bigger and bigger as you do the same
  7. fatizlovefatizlife

    Has anyone stumbled across someone they knew in real life?

    In xpwnage's thread (if xpwnage is reading this please update, one of my favorite threads) a girl i went to high school with was in a picture with one of the girls. Don't remember which one though
  8. fatizlovefatizlife

    When She Moved

    This is awesome. My suggestion is add more details and visualization. Also, describe events that showcase her weight gain, ie tight clothes, others reactions, etc.
  9. fatizlovefatizlife

    Trying to Find an Undercover Cop Story

    It was probably this one then. Thanks for the help!
  10. fatizlovefatizlife

    Trying to Find an Undercover Cop Story

    A couple months back I read a story about a cop who goes undercover to a super exclusive club type thing and she gains weight for one of her clients. Does anybody have anymore info on this and could point me in the right direction of this story.
  11. fatizlovefatizlife

    Surrogain (BBW, WG, cuckoldry)

    Personally not a fan of the super jacked look on girls but LOVE when super fit gym freaks gain weight
  12. fatizlovefatizlife

    Video of a girl in outgrown clothes after college gain

  13. fatizlovefatizlife

    Surrogain (BBW, WG, cuckoldry)

    Very detailed description of what she looks like and situations that showcase the weight gain, ie outgrowing clothes
  14. fatizlovefatizlife

    31 Model Gains weight in denim? outfit?

    This is a long shot but I was wondering if anyone has or knows where I can find a really old video. I believe I saw it on youtube but it was one of the 31 models doing a video in an outfit that I think was mostly denim and wearing black with white polka dot underwear underneath (It was a long time ago so I can be way off). Anyway, it goes to another video of the same girl in the same outfit except she had gained a lot of weight. That's as much as I think I remember of the video. Like I said I understand it's a long shot but I figured it's worth the shot. If anyone would like to share it with me it would be hugely appreciated.