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  1. Surgeon says everything looks fantastic. :D I was told to make an appointment to see him again in two months if I still feel even small amounts of pain or nausea that don't go away, but I'm welcome to cancel it if I feel perfectly fine or to reschedule any time in the future if something feels off. I also got compliments on my choice of bandages before he removed them, which was cute and silly. XD

    1. extra_m13


      great,then everything cleared for the path to 400 !

    2. slugowl


      Yes!! :D I'm excited. Managed to have a yummy lunch afterwards and am staring down some Little Debbie's in the kitchen that I bet my digestive system is totally ready for. lol Crossing my fingers that that's true because I've wanted them for ages now.

    3. regbill


      I'm glad to hear the good news. :)

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