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  1. Your body looks so comforting. I'd love to cuddle with you.
  2. that doesn't even look real
  3. So I saw a 300 or 400 lb ssbbw in a crop top at the store. I said her skin has my heart pounding. Only at the last moment I noticed she had a man and kids, but I walked all the way across the store to say it, so I did it anyway. She made a disgusted look at me then looked at her guy, who didn't seem to notice cause he was like 10 feet away. Then I walked away. Now I'm drinking and confused. Why would a guy let her dress like that? Why would she dress like that if she doesn't want attention? Or did she want attention, but from someone more chadly? I'm expecting to get flamed on here but whatever.

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    2. Madilyn Mars

      Madilyn Mars

      Because EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT PREFERENCES. For food. For type of clothing. For color.

      Trust me...we don't want the strange male gaze. That is NOT the goal. It is not flattering.

    3. chucklehead2


      Lots of women giggle when I hit on them. It's a hit or miss thing.

      I'm just socially retarded, so autistically blurting my thoughts is all I got.

    4. Madilyn Mars

      Madilyn Mars

      Still, you can't expect it to work. Do you, but don't expect it to go well. Everyone is different. Women are part of that.

      Also, some people giggle when they are uncomfortable. For us, it's a fine line between flattering and, "is he going to ** or hurt me?" because there are tons of creeps who have created an unsafe atmosphere for women in general. We lead a completely different life than men. Even in autism.

    5. chucklehead2


      I think I'm being gas lighted. But I've also been thinking about moving away from this behavior. It's uncouth, and I've been doing it for a while just to see what happens. Even then, when I see someone fat enough showing enough skin, my heart really does start racing. Like I just gotta say something. I've been more smooth with coworkers, since I see them daily.

    6. Madilyn Mars

      Madilyn Mars

      I don't even know what to say...because I feel like you're not hearing me.

      How the fuck are you being gaslit?

    7. chucklehead2


      It's like you're saying girls never dress for attention, and that's hard to believe.

  4. Holy crap. You're such a chubo now I can't believe it.
  5. I've always been 140 lbs, belly 32 inch. When I was bloated out of my mind it would be 34 in, but right now I'm 155 lb and 35 inch, and I'm empty. I can feel my belly protruding and rubbing my shirt while I sit. I'm really excited. My heart is pounding. I never thought I'd cross these thresholds. I always wanted to secretly gain, but never had the nerve to.

  6. chucklehead2


    Holy crap, you still have a neck. I'm impressed.
  7. chucklehead2


    I can't even imagine what I would do if I saw this in public. I think I would try my hardest to get my hands on that p0t of gold.
  8. This song is an absolute must for this thread
  9. I say do it. But that's easy for me to say. I wanna gain to, but I'm too hung up on social status.
  10. Wow. What made you decide to take the plunge?
  11. God bless the internet. Look at all the belly fat and double chins on here. I feel like I'm gonna fall into a coma of comfort when I see how attractive obese women are.

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