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  1. Why do fat girls even pull it up over the belly? Serious question I've wondered for years.
    See great price. Buy video. Watch it. It ends. Both my penis and my brain are satisfied with my purchase, and I feel like I can sleep soundly tonight. Not just a sex goddess, but also a mommy making me feel snug as a bug before I go to bed. Goodnight. I have work tomorrow.
  2. The way your belly pokes out from under those tops was so CUTE! Couchqueen, you're one of the very most famous models on this site. If you can't have confidence in your belly fat in public then who can? For everyone person offended by your belly, there's another fat lady who will look up to you in awe of your confidence. FA men too will do the same because we never see confident fat ladies in public. Of course I would take you out in those outfits. They look amazing on you. I would prefer if you dressed like that. Because I know I'd be making skinny girls, and other FA men jelly as your belly is.
  3. Model messages me to promote videos. I say not my type. She goes offline. Now I feel like I hurt her feelings ;_;

    1. CurvyCannabisCat


      Don’t feel bad .... if it’s not your type then it isn’t. That sounds very thirsty tho .... haha

    I never spend more than $10 a clip. This is less than $5. Excellent content from a high ranked model and great price. Would give 10 stars if I could.
  4. I refuse to believe she actually eats that much. That's 12.5 lbs of food, and 15,650 calories in one sitting. The worlds strongest men weigh about 400 lb and eat 10,000 calories a day to maintain. I would buy this. But I never spend more than $10 a video.
    This was actually my very first purchase on this site in 2017. Though late, I gotta promote my girl. 5 stars.
    A teenager's fantasy, and my all time favorite model. I have to give her 5 stars.
  5. "her skinny days are long gone" She was skinny? I'd like to see that
  6. lol I know you are. You models provide more than jack off material. You give us waifu fantasies.
    Beautiful breasts and arms. I like hearing her talk. She sounds so sweet and endearing. Very sexy individual. Hot/5 stars.
  7. Like ** and fantasyfeeder have. Would be nice to see people near by, and filter by gender, age, etc
  8. Anna you look so soft and huggable I just wanna hug you and fall asleep cuddling with you on a couch.I wanna kiss your double chin :)

    1. AnnaOli


      Ah that is sweet, but honestly the couch need to be super size because i take most of it and intend to keep taking up space haha. Thank you for your sweetness love. πŸ’•

  9. I don't imagine they'd be popular. But I still wanna try it.
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