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  1. The fetish part of me always wanted to be fat since I was a kid, but the testosterone part of me wants to be shredded. I was wondering how you guys feel about it lol
  2. Holy fuck. Chugging straight dressing. Did you find this appetizing before the quarantine challenge?
  3. You should walk in public dressed like that. Imagine everyone's face. That would be so sexy.
    Very very sensual when she explores her belly fat and as she gestures what it'd be like to be bigger. You realize how fat she actually is, as she's not far off. The close up of her belly fat jiggling when she walks was just about the sexiest thing I've ever seen. My reproductive urges are thoroughly stimulated.
  4. I actually like it when girls watermark their photos. That way if I post it elsewhere I'm promoting the fat community.

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    2. Baby


      That’s kind of the point. A lot of models don’t want their pics reposted onto Instagram etc. to keep their identity and content private. 

    3. chucklehead2


      Don't they want to sell more content though? Or at least get more people into the fetish?

    4. senorclean


      Not all of them, no.  Their argument is often that if they wanted the advertising they'd do it themselves.

      Imo it is unrealistic of them to expect what they upload to never end up anywhere else, especially if it's public.  Though not entirely the same, it's like there being no reasonable expectation of privacy when out in public in regards to being filmed or photographed.  The only way to ensure your content doesn't end up in places you don't want it to is to never share it yourself in the first place.  Privacy experts say the same thing about data security.

      Other models either don't care or like the promotion (sometimes only as long as they are credited).  I've even seen some models like it because it allows them to redownload content they lost.

      If you want to be mindful of what they want, and you don't see if they've stated it anywhere already, just ask them.

  5. I love seeing models getting insecure about their video success. It makes them more relatable. As a guy, sometimes you forget females have anything to be insecure about at all.

    1. Baby


      Believe me, we have many things we are insecure about 

    2. BayAreaFluph


      Have you met a female?  We're kinda like humans, a wiiiide range of feelings and emotions lol

  6. Yep. I want to buy this. Are you selling better now?
    Obese, helplessly drunk on her ass, nipple visible, full from over a liter and still saying she wants more. Mochii is everything a man can dream of. That stuff is 10% alcohol, so I'm surprised she stayed conscious through this. This girl is really impressive is so many ways.
    One of her most appetizing stuffings imo. That vagina comment made my heart start thumping too. I just wanna drench her in ice cream and have sex haha. I love living vicariously though her videos.
    Her statement at the end was the sexiest part haha. I'm proud of her.
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