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  1. i can’t believe i never heard of her before...
  2. Damn! She is very impressive I just checked out her Instagram she really likes to hide that lower body…
  3. Blackie O


    VERY impressive 🔥
  4. Blackie O

    A blond goddess

    a VIDEO from EIGHT YEARS AGO. Can someone move this to the videos section, please?
  5. I’ve noticed a pattern in all your “posts”. PURE NEGATIVITY. Why don’t you try posting some content once in a while and quit criticizing every fucking thing?
  6. Yeah she has definitely packed on the pounds in the last several months. Although she refuses to step on the scale for me... The last time she weighed herself, she was at around 240 lbs....
  7. We’re in the southern part of the U.S., but that pic is from last autumn😉
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