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  1. Between that gif and seeing her pour popcorn in her mouth during her recipe, I love how it seems like she just can't help herself when it comes to food. Seems like the kind of person who'd eat until the food is finished, rather than until she's full.
  2. LadderCoins

    Female wrestlers

    Maryse looks to be making her thickness permanent...
  3. Seems like lots of potential in these pics, would love to see them chubby/fat/obese!
  4. LadderCoins

    Female wrestlers

    Thank you! Absolute hero!
  5. LadderCoins

    Female wrestlers

    Hey folks, this is a long shot, but I'm gonna put it here on a "don't ask, don't get" basis: Does anyone remember an early Total Divas episode where Nikki and Brie Bella are going to appear on a TV show, and the producer (or whoever) needs their sizes for costume. Nikki says that she is 140lbs, and Brie immediately calls her out on it, leading Nikki to reveal that she is 20-30lbs heavier. Again, crazy long shot, but if anyone is able to find that scene, or even the episode that its from, I would be incredibly appreciative! Thanks!
  6. I do wonder what her crew think about how the woman in front of them balloons with every shooting day...
  7. LadderCoins

    Female wrestlers

    https://vk.com/video-15578107_170863692 Not many highlights in the interview itself, apart from the moment she excitedly raves about chocolate and how she'd eat it for every meal if she could.
  8. LadderCoins

    Female wrestlers

    Apropos of nothing, just a reminder that a few years ago a non-pregnant Maryse looked like this... 😍
  9. Part of me is enjoying her consistent expansion immensely, but part of me desperately wants to jump to 3-5 years from now when she's having to squeeze herself between the kitchen counters and spending more time 'tasting' than cooking
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