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  1. Whoa. All time high for her? Is she gaining weight for a role? If she is, that means she’ll have to keep it on for a while since filming I’m sure is postponed.
  2. Oh, that’s a good suggestion. There are several mutual gain stories on Dimensions that were never quite finished.
  3. Gaining 20 pounds probably brings her close to a normal weight, and I doubt there’s much of a visible difference. I could see her trying to gain more weight because of this reason, but there’s maybe a 5% chance of that happening.
  4. I’ve started watching Schitt’s Creek, and I’m going to add Emily Hampshire to this list. She was also on 12 Monkeys.
  5. Rachel Keller She looked “TV chubby” in the last season of Fargo, but with each progressive season of Legion, she was thinner. I think her weight rebounds in 2020. Bryce Dallas Howard More time behind the camera means worrying less about her weight. Greta Gerwig She’s the type of actress that wasn’t relying on traditional Hollywood beauty anyway, but with more turns behind the camera, less pressure to fit any “norms.” Scar Jo Naturally softer in her early movies, I think her action movie days are drawing to a close, so less reason to look like a super hero.
  6. Yep, as soon as slob elements and the dumbing down of a character are incorporated into a story, it just immediately takes me out of it. Now, full scale gluttony and hedonism? Sign me up. But to each, their own.
  7. deepfriedgrits

    Gina Carano

    In the Mando episode, she looks about twenty pounds lighter than the more recent photos at the premier.
  8. Here’s one I really enjoyed: https://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/threads/a-small-technicality-bbw-wg-romance.123583/
  9. There’s a handful of decent ones on dimensionsmagazine.com. I can’t think of names at the moment, but I’ll look later and post links. Personally, I do prefer the office wg trope vs the college wg.
  10. Nah, she was bigger in Last Jedi because she was trying to add muscle, which she did, but she bulked up just a bit more then she intended. It’s only noticeable because she was so skinny in TFA.
  11. There’s been a handful of FA writers over the years that made me wonder if it were their profession, but it’s a low bar, so I may be grading on a curve.
  12. My predictions: Kate McKinnon Aubrey Plaza Zooey Deschanel
  13. I feel like it’s been a long time since we’ve had a decent celeb gain—as in going from skinny to chubby/fat.
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