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  1. Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong place for this! I was hoping to buy a curvage clip but there is no option to add it to my cart. Is there any other method I can use to buy it? Thanks for your help!
  2. I love how she is wider than her chair. Imagine if it had arms, she wouldn't be able to fit!
  3. So a woman I work with has put on a bit of weight over the last six months and has commented on it here and there but the amount of detail today was incredible. We've had great weather here the last couple of days and she was explaining that she either needs to lose some weight or get a new summer wardrobe as her summer clothes no longer fit! She said she struggled to pull up some shorts then could not button them at all because of her belly. I was trying to act casual and asked if anything fit to which she replied by mimicking a scene of her sucking in her stomach and struggling to button clothes, then said "i could hardly breathe and my belly was hanging over them". She then told another colleague of ours that she's put on a stone and needs to get in shape before she goes on holiday in ten weeks. She said she doesn't actually want to lose weight but does want a smaller belly, which she then grabbed and shook a bit. I actually couldn't believe what I was seeing. She eats loads and loads of crisps but has said she will cut down on them to lose her belly. Today she has brought in apricots instead. However, she has definitely said this before and quickly gave up after a week or so saying that eating more healthily was boring, so I won't be surprised if this gain continues.
  4. Finpro

    Hayley Mcqueen

    Zoom in here and you can just see her belly poking out! Those trousers look quite tight!
  5. Definitely B, and I don't mind either way about number 2!
  6. Finpro

    Hayley Mcqueen

    While there aren't any good pictures of her in her latest Instagram story, Hayley finds some chocolate bunnies in one of the editing rooms and is very tempted to take them. She decides not to in the end but says something like "I'm not leaving them because I'm on a diet - that's never going to happen"! Only small but very reassuring that she isn't going to be losing weight any time soon!
  7. Finpro

    Hayley Mcqueen

    Found a side view
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