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    Subversive weight gain!

    Check out the linked post in my "about me" section for a detailed explanation.

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  1. Hey, remembered you're a fan of Miranda Lawson weight gain. I've done a bunch of her on writing.com, and I mean a bunch of different story lines.

    None are what you'd call completed and the website remains ass, but here you go:


    Might need a log in to view that.


    1. riptoryx


      Oh, it looks like you've written quite a few recently! I'd peeked at the stuff months ago, but now there's more! I'll check it out...whenever writing.com "lets" me. :P

      Mostly for my own (but also other random viewers') reference, this may be an easier URL to navigate to your additions in the Mass Effect story (and elsewhere): https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/action/show_chapters/user_id/sulla76


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