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    Amazing! Great stuffing and dialogue. This is a great video. Please do some more side-profile shots though...great curves!
    Wow...this is a must-see. Such lovely gluttony. I love how she eats until you can just see the fullness in her eyes. Excellent video!
    Love the eating AND the belly shots in this video. Nice work. Nice gains!
    Good eating...no belly shots though.
    Wow, wow, wow....amazing video. Not only does she look great in this video, but it's unbelievable how she enjoys filling up and getting bigger and bigger. Nice work!
  1. wow...she's getting bigger now!

    WOW. She knows how to do this STUFF right. Absolutely worth a watch. Let's get her to 300...and as far beyond as she can go!
  2. Wow.  She’s really here!  Amazing.   Indira - does this mean you are going to seriously keep packing on the pounds?  If so, you will have crazy huge support here on Curvage!!

    1. Goddess Indira

      Goddess Indira

      Haha, I'm REALLY here 😂 Yes! I've always been serious about packing on the pounds but now I'm finally starting to see and feel the results :) Thank you! I really appreciate all of the positive love and support.

    Amazing job. She really takes down those calories with enthusiasm. Great to see how tight and full that belly got. Doing this every day has to be making a huge difference. Keep it up!
    Amazing stuffing. As always...top props on the huge belly. Such a star!
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