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    WOW. If I could give this 6 stars, I would. Great gains....great curves...great profile shots. AMAZING. Keep it up.
    Wow. Nicole's best video! SHe's looking round, huge, and full from every angle. Please...devour a couple more of those and fill that big belly to the brim!
    Great video...love your "overstuffed" vibe! Please do more!!
  1. looking nice and full and huge in this video!!! Nice. Please do profile shots...must be looking pretty amazing!
    Nicole has a perfect shape. It's amazing how good she looks as she fills up her belly in this video. Amazing job! Please show some side-profile shots...great job!
  2. Amazing vids.  Belly is looking great.  One request....can you do one with lots of profile (side) views?  That belly (and butt) must really give you a nice profile these days!  

    Very nice vid...great curves...great commentary also!
  3. Amazing vid. Belly is looking great. One request....can you do one like that, but with lots of profile (side) views? That belly (and butt) must really give you a nice profile these days!
  4. Wow.  She’s back to stuffing.  Nice!!

    1. Goddess Indira

      Goddess Indira

      @monhall Back? When did I stop? lol. I'll stuff myself silly..if I knew what you guys wanted to see! 

    2. monhall


      Amazing!  Love it when you show us your side belly profile after you’ve stuffed it.  Try a bunch of ice cream followed by a big bottled water chug.  That makes big bloats and a very very full feeling.  Try it!

    Amazing gains...great curves! One of her best videos. Very well done!
    Amazing! Great stuffing and dialogue. This is a great video. Please do some more side-profile shots though...great curves!
    Wow...this is a must-see. Such lovely gluttony. I love how she eats until you can just see the fullness in her eyes. Excellent video!
    Love the eating AND the belly shots in this video. Nice work. Nice gains!
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