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    The audio quality is inconsistent but I really liked the video. She gulfs down a ton of food and I love hearing her talk about how unhealthy the food is. Definitely worth the price 👍
    My favorite video from Blossom and possibly my favorite video from Curvage. 22 minutes of Blossom eating a whole pizza. I enjoyed the burps and fat talk as always, and this has the greatest shots of her body in a tight pink top. Must buy!
    Great video. Loved hearing you talk and get out of breath. You have such a nice belly!
    Great video. I love seeing ero enthusiastically stuff her face and talk about how much of a pig she's becoming. She even emits some big burps. The way she jiggles her new plump thighs and belly is phenomenal. I liked hearing her moan at the end from being so stuffed, but I preferred the parts that felt a little more natural, rather than some of the sexy turned on faces. Still, I hope to see even bigger stuffings in the future.
  1. does her snapchat get archived anywhere?
  2. she was on conan this past week post-pregnancy looking thick
  3. still getting thicker, can even see it in the comments lol
  4. http://spankbang.com/uofi/video/nerdy+bbw+blowjob thanks in advance
  5. is the show actually worth watching?
  6. I was surprised that she was in hell or high water. big girls usually don't get roles like that
  7. Sorry I'm not up to date on everything lucy v m8
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