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    Great video. I love seeing ero enthusiastically stuff her face and talk about how much of a pig she's becoming. She even emits some big burps. The way she jiggles her new plump thighs and belly is phenomenal. I liked hearing her moan at the end from being so stuffed, but I preferred the parts that felt a little more natural, rather than some of the sexy turned on faces. Still, I hope to see even bigger stuffings in the future.
  1. does her snapchat get archived anywhere?
  2. she was on conan this past week post-pregnancy looking thick
  3. still getting thicker, can even see it in the comments lol
  4. http://spankbang.com/uofi/video/nerdy+bbw+blowjob thanks in advance
  5. is the show actually worth watching?
  6. I was surprised that she was in hell or high water. big girls usually don't get roles like that
  7. Sorry I'm not up to date on everything lucy v m8
  8. lol she's totes not "back" she basically was saying she can't do it anymore ans she lost literally all the weight she gained
  9. everything that she can't suck in is fatter
  10. lol shes a lot fatter what is that guy saying
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